Meme | YouTuber
Official Discord for the Purple Monkey Podcast! Never heard of it? Eh don't worry about it we are just a bunch of monkeys who monkey around and do monkey stuff. For example, we can treat you to: -Banana -Poop Flinging -Uhh oh crap what else do monkeys do -A goofy community for memes or just hanging out Need I say more? Head over to the monkey house!
Gaming | Community
gorilla funny monkey chimpanzee gaming apex legends rainbow six siege minecraft terraria cuphead bloons
Community | Gaming
Upcoming server with active members and great staffing and moderation. First 50 people to join get a special OG role.
Entertainment | Community
A Emoji server dedicated to our primates relatives.
Meme | Social
In le monke zone you can post memes, have a harem, post art and other original content, listen to music, or just chat and monkey around in #gangsta-memes.
Meme | Entertainment
We are a server dedicated to sending memes. All memes are welcome, ordinary memes, anime memes, vtuber memes, cursed images, monkey memes, etc. All are welcome to join and have a laugh!
Gaming | Social
This is for a Gaming Community mainly or just meeting new people in general!!