Meme | Gaming
Nice Gaming and Normal Hangout
Community | Gaming
just a very fun and active-ish place ti join, we need more active members and we do community events..giveaways..and etc..everyone is welcome..friendly community growing server
Community | Entertainment
We are a friendly community looking for new members. This server is just starting, feel free to join and help the server grow! - We will be doing some giveaways on the future! - Anyone can give suggestions on the suggestions channel! - We would love to talk about different hobbies! - We have different bots for you to use! - We have Dank Memer and Akinator bot! We are currently in the development phase and we would love for many people to join us from the start, as we grow and develop from your feedback. We look forward to meet many of the users to come that will join our journey!
Fryz, we are a new fortnite clan for players to come and learn with everyone else. Nae Only We are not toxic The whole objective is to grow together We have the basics