Music | Community
We are a small retro server that revolves around the music genre of Synthwave! Come join us; make us grow big with an amazing community! :D
Gaming | YouTuber
A Neon Revolution clan server. Everyone is allowed to join this server.
Community | Social
Welcome to Neon City! Somos um servidor brasileiro com o objetivo de gerar interações entre os membros, tentando ao máximo ser um ambiente totalmente amigável. Também dispõe de comandos diversos e bots recreativos para o entretenimento alheio, tais como: • Uno. • Gartic. • Akinator. • Shipps. • E alguns outros.
This server is to connect with the YouTuber Neon Lightning and his fans
Role-Playing | Music
Ever felt like living in the dirty yet busy streets of the future? Visit Neon District. This young server has toggling roles to switch roles to play as different groups including the Syndicate, Cops, Hackers, etc with a beautiful way of solving RP disputes.
Community | Music
A brand new community server based on neon aesthetic, we chat about topics of all sorts until we pass out in the early hours of the morning. This server is 16+
Community | Meme
The music is blasting, the meme bar is packed and the arcade is hungry for quarters. Welcome to the Neon Lounge.