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«What we offer:» ⤜Gritty, crime focused, cyberpunk setting set in the year 2120. ⤜Mature, 16+ community. ⤜Player and character driven story progression. ⤜Yakuza, Cowboy gang, Russian mob. ⤜Literate, paragraph style RP. ⤜Character creation freedom. ⤜Helpful & friendly staff.
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Ever felt like living in the dirty yet busy streets of the future? Visit Neon District. This young server has toggling roles to switch roles to play as different groups including the Syndicate, Cops, Hackers, etc with a beautiful way of solving RP disputes.
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Foxhound Academy is a Roleplay Server featuring custom Lore, a Level system for equal progress, a unique story, and many events.
A fun server to roleplay as gigantic beasts or the humans that have to fight them off.
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☾ Welcome all to 𝕃𝕦𝕔𝕦𝕣𝕚𝕒! It is a futuristic fantasy roleplay with a dystopian theme to it. Unfortunately, we're still a small server, so the server may seem quite dead a lot of the time, but we just need some more active people to join!
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Welcome to Incendium City — Cyberpunk! What attracts so many people to Incendium, is the country’s lights, their technology, their friendliness; to this day, Incendium is one of the most travelled to countries, and is said to welcome anyone, no matter their species, race, sexuality, or gender. Many people that tour the area decide to move months later. Although Incendium is divided by classes, many people don’t seem to care and live their lives as they normally would. As of now, many people prefer the Par District for its affordable prices and lively community. What we offer: ↳ LGBT+ acceptance ↳ Many assignable roles ↳ Thought out lore ↳ RP events ↳ Giveaways ↳ Amazing staff ↳ And much more! ⚠️ WE ARE 15+! ⚠️