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A fun, laid back environment to hang out with friends! We have a mature yet casual vibe going on, perfect for making friends and good conversations. Our community is very welcoming and we'd love to have you as well! (Strictly 18+)
Gaming | Meme
Dutch gaming / chat server voor mensen die weinig tijd hebben (of niet ), maar wel hun hobby willen delen.
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miss IRC; moaning; the answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe and everything; the ultimate question of life, the universe and everything; boredom; exitement; a wee touch of psychadelic trance; Scotland (rain, dark, dinginess); buckets of tea; secret nosepicking; nerdiness
Streaming | Gaming
I watch a ton of anime, and I occasionally play video games. I enjoy playing FPS games with zombies, mutants, aliens, and monsters in them. I only like PvE.
Anime | Mature
AnimeOver30 is a place where older fans of anime/manga/jrpgs and so forth can chat and hang out. We've found that related spaces are lacking for those of us past our teen years and early 20s so we've decided to make a space of our own. The "age limit" isn't strict (But no under 18 and preferably mid 20s+). But we do want to focus on creating a mature environment for like-minded individuals.