Gaming | Technology
Minecraft Custom Model Database, a tool for adding custom blocks and items to datapacks.
Entertainment | Mature
O melhor servidor de conteúdo adulto do brasil
Role-Playing | Social
This is a supernatural medieval roleplay group focused on a pack of Lycanthropes which hope to build a new home and fight for their people. Hidden from the world outside the secrets are many, but the idea is pretty linear: To survive. Here you can choose from many ranks: Omega, Delta and Beta (Though later on you may become Alpha as well.) Each one of them has their own role within the pack. Be a family! Be a pack member! Find your mate! Join us in events and build your reputation within the clan. Help us to build the story of this pack. Don't be afraid to bare your fangs for you are a Lycanthrope of our own.
Gaming | Entertainment
Qu'est-ce que c'est Seed Market ? Seed Market est un serveur qui vend des textures packs, que ce soit pour le Rush, Mini-Jeux, Pvp ou bien un pack basique, les packs proposés sont de tous types et pas chers, plusieurs modes de paiement sont à votre disposition avec plus de 10 packs en stock ! Ce n'est pas tout ! En effet nous allons bientôt proposées des Maps fait par nos collaborateurs. Les Maps arriveront cet été et seront de tout type ! Le serveur est tenu par Thepaeik79, ainsi que plus de 10 personnes avec qui, il travaillent pour vous proposer des packs, et maps* de qualité. Maps* = bientôt. Voici le lien du serveur :
Role-Playing | Furry
A Furry roleplay server in a pack setting! **Lunar paradise** Is a pack of unique, strong, ever changing individuals. They are of many species and powers. They live here happy and protected from the evils of the wilds.
Community | Social
Small pack made up of therian canines, werewolves, and various otherkin from all over the world. We accept members from 13+, and are system & lgbtq* friendly.