Worldwide server for Pokémon GO players in the LGBTQ community. Allies are welcome too!
Probably the biggest German Pokémon GO community on Discord! Doesn't matter if you're new or a veteran, there's always a place for you! Stay informed, find local players, or just have a chat! There's always someone around!
A server to hang out and talk about Pokémon GO! You can add friends, organize raid battles, and more! Hope you all enjoy!
Our aim is to help Pokemon Go players organise raids, PvP tournaments, make new friends, community day organisation, and much more. We are linked to the Liverpool Telegram group and a couple of Facebook Chats. When you first join the server you will be asked to assign your team to gain access to the main channels
Pokemon Go community in the Alief, TX area and surrounding. Houston, Stafford, Sugarland, Chinatown, Westchase, Mission Bend
Nintendo & Switch eSports & Gaming in Calgary, and online
?Pokémon Battle Frontier Africa™ Come and Battle other Pokémon trainers to the ultimate experience in Gym Battles. Join any of our Channels from Pokémon GO, Let's GO and Sword And Shield
A fun, cool gaming community (or just a community for anyone to chill). Just starting out this server. Very small at the moment, but will grow!! We have several gaming roles, meaning gamers unite, and will take in requests!
A small server wanting to grow larger to do coordinated Pokemon GO Raid groups in Parker, CO. Any one is welcome to join! Our server uses Hemlock and will (for the moment) go off the method of announcing in one channel and the raid will auto populate in the Raid Text Category. Members can use screenshots to update their team assignment, and their level. *Improvements are being made still so announcements of changes will have a channel * If you're in the area of Parker, CO and would like to join, PLEASE do, we are excited for raiding and can use the help!
This is for the Bury St. Edmunds, Suffolk Pokémon Go community. All is welcome as long as you do play in B.S.E.
Pokemon GO Deutschland Server - Eigene Kategorien für jedes Bundesland und Teams
Comunidad hispana de Pokémon. ¡Visita nuestro servidor!
Be a part of the Shreveport/Bossier City Pokemon Go community! Raiders, trainers, battlers, players... all are welcome!
Kuwait's foremost and largest legit Pokémon Go Community.
Los Angeles County Pokemon Go Community
Pokemon GO server for Los Feliz, Echo Park, Silverlake, and surrounding areas
This server was created for my customers, who would like to buy any Pokemon go stuff from me - Shinies, Legendaries, Meltan Boxes, Event tickets etc. AND it was created becouse i want to create the better Pokemon Go community with helping other players to enjoy the game !
Pokemon Go in North Hollywood California.
Pokemon GO community for players in Thessaloniki, Greece. Feel free to join if you are a traveler in Thessaloniki and wish to find some raid groups!
De officiële Pokémon GO (Rijsenhout) Discord Server!
The #1 Discord server for Pokemon GO spoofers!