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Casa, Carros novos e usados, armas, trabalhos e muito mais !
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Hidden Alley Welcome To The Hidden Alley - The First Real Discord Experience. - If you are looking for a place to connect with people like you, you found the right corner of the internet. - We are ran be a real friend group that knows how to have fun and connect with others. - We also have things regular servers have like Music, Game nights, and an active community. Are you ready for a REAL Discord experience? If you answered yes to that question, come down to our server and vibe a little. No Excessive Bots - No Verification - No Over Mod - No B.S Join Today, Shall You?
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Join and possibly find a place that you like. If you dont, we will still come to your birthday party. Looking for partnerships in near future.
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🌙 DarKMoon RP 🌙 é um servidor com ECONOMIA REALISTA 💶 que procura jogadores que pretendam fazer um Roleplay sério. O servidor encontrasse Whitelisted 📝, com o objetivo de obter um melhor RP para todos os jogadores, filtrando os jogadores imaturos. 🌙 DarKMoon RP 🌙 é um servidor que pretende simular a vida real e como tal este contem alguns scripts como : 💉 Sistema de Sangue; ☠️ Assalto a Casas de NPC's; 🏡 Casas Próprias e Motéis (+100 Propriedades Disponíveis); 🚘 Sistema de Venda de Carros Roubados; 🗑️ Sistema de Procura no Lixo; 😜 Entre muitos outros scripts incríveis que tem como objetivo principal tornar TUDO mais realista fornecendo vários estilos de RP. 🤗 Caso estejas interessado entra no nosso Discord e faz já a tua Candidatura, se pretenderes mais algumas informações vista o nosso WebSite -
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Un server de Hard RolePlay
Fake or Real c'est un serveur discord qui teste des serveurs reward (5 invite = nitro ect.) et qui vous fait gagner la récompense si le serveur est réel.
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Real Nitro Server Hehe!
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Realistic Rp was made to help open up RP, on disboard when you search RP all you find are Mythical RP. Realistic Rp lets you have a sandbox with The irl world, you could join a gang, Be a lawyer, Even Join the Police Department, on realistic Rp, the moderators will help the RP, such as, if a gang wants to rob a bank, they will do the rp for it, and at the end the mods will give them the money. We want this to be Realistic for the most part.
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The Official Discord Of Team Reality A Multinational Call Of Duty Shotgun Team
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Metal Factions is a FREE 3D Real Time Strategy game featuring four robotic factions. It's a multiplayer-oriented game with many similarities to the classic Total Annihilation or Supreme Commander games. |
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The BEST Real Madrid Server out there! An extremely active and friendly community that welcomes fans of Real Madrid and other clubs too!