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Community | Gaming
Borphius is a server made for anyone who uses discord. Some may join to game, some may join to spam some memes, some may join just to have a chat. No matter what reason is behind your decision to join, we welcome you and your friends. We offer voice and text channels for all different users. There are channels for gamers, for singers, even for podcasters. We want everyone to have a chill server to hangout in and interact with the community.
Nezuka’s Dubbin Discord Icon
Role-Playing | Writing
This Is Basically Just A Server Where We Look At Webtoon Comics Dub/Voice Act Them I make Videos With The Trusted Members Only. We Can Have Dub Requests And Have Fun Bloopers And Stuff Please Join!
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Hobbies | Science
Everything to do with recording soundscapes. You are not welcome on this server if you are a republican.
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Gaming | Streaming
This is My Basement. This is a gaming hub essentially. There are a few gaming VC's such as Chillin VC, Rocket League, 1-2, Unturned VC, General, and lonely VC. I wish to listen to your suggestions of VC's and add them to the server for everyone to use. There is also a TC for each of those VC's.