Le serveur Discord de 1-UP Video, un studio de créations audiovisuelles.
Burned Games Studio est un serveur Discord de développement de jeux
Petit studio de développement de jeux-vidéos sous Unreal Engine.
Chat, build, and get help from other developers!
StudIO is the first hackable code editor for iOS. This server is for the community of the private beta users (and everyone else).
Unofficial community server for all things invision studio.
The official server for Roblet Land, a 2D robotic pet simulation game!
Welcome to a sea of fun! At Whales and Games we host a community of game developers, artists, games and creatives, with daily conversation and frequent events!
DIGITAL GHOST ALLIANCE | Music Collaboration | Digital Media | 3D Art | Meta | Programming | Gaming | Bots | Over 1 year! http://digitalghost.org https://www.youtube.com/channel/UChx686uctE_rlSuUp1D3rsg https://www.facebook.com/DigitalGhostA/
The Official Discord for Evac.Net Come join us on our adventure through our latest games development, Duck and Cover. Duck and Cover is a First-Person Shooter, but with a twist. You're a duck with arms that have bulging muscles. Yeah, you heard me right. Sounds like something you would be interested in? Come join us!
A channel for my youtube channel, DalazyGamer12. I make videos on roblox studio speedbuilds and scripts, and blender, too. If you would like to support me, or just join in for the fun, then come right on in. We have a not too active, but not dead community, and if you join, that'll be one more person that someone can talk to. We have Fun text channel names Hydra - Music bot Custom emojis Good Community Fun ranks and many more to come.