Design | Programming
Chat, share your creations, and get help from other developers! 7k+ members!
Gaming | Programming
Petit studio de développement de jeux-vidéos sous Unreal Engine.
Gaming | Community
Awake at 2:00AM and all these ideas are coming to your mind? Join NightDreamer Studios were we make your ideas realty! Come join us and become a nightdreamer yourself :)
Entertainment | Gaming
Server del proyecto Tsubasa Game Studio
Community | Gaming
ROBLOX Studio Community server.
Programming | Technology
StudIO is the first hackable code editor for iOS. This server is for the community of the private beta users (and everyone else).
Community | Support
Roblox Developers is a Roblox Studio community server where you can show off your builds, models, scripts, animations, and more. You can also sell your assets for Robux or any other currency. In addition, you can post hirings for developers and get work developing. We welcome anyone interested in Roblox developing to join and be apart of our growing community.
Community | YouTuber
Köszöntök mindenkit a RedFox Studio Discord szerverén! Mindenkit szívesen látunk itt. (Kivéve aki csak gonoszkodni jön) A RedFox Studio egyébként filmeket, programokat, videókat fog gyártani.
Community | Gaming
We develop, you play Wir sind RedPew, dein deutsches, Supercooles Game Studio! Wir haben Reaction Roles, Auswählbare Benachrichtigungen, Level 1 Boosting Features, und schnellen Support Web: Discord:
Hobbies | Community
We are a game company that just wants to hang out with people!
Community | Programming
**Hey !** *Tu aime les applications gratuites ou trucs cool gratuits ?* **Ben rejoint nous !** *> - Une communauté sympa > - Des apps et vos mis a jour régulièrement > - Possibilités de suggérer des choses au fondateur pour créer des apps > - Des salons cools ? (Jsp si c’est nécessaire de préciser ça...) > - DES huskies (Cé fo)* **Qu’attend-tu ? Rejoint nous ! >>**
Community | Programming
NeverEndingLeX is a "Developer Studio Discord", creating unique games from 4X to Resource Managers. A place to ask for help or learn about Unity!
Music | Art
Jesteśmy muzykami, producentami, inżynierami dźwięku, raperami, wokalistami i wszystkimi innymi osobami związanymi z muzyką!
Business | Role-Playing
Welcome to Darkstar Roleplay Studios :copyright:. At Darkstar We Create and Designs roleplay servers and roleplay lore. We design Channels, Categories, Logos, and Lore visualizations. We also take on dead roleplay servers and rebuild them, we also do collaborative work. Darkstar is currently an online based studio. We were found in 2020 by Wilderking. Some of the work we do is Lore, Channels, Categories, and Rp systems design. We also do Logos, Banners, Ads, and Websites. Some of our works includes: Death and Decay, (Grimm) The Return, and (The 100) New Reign. At Darkstar we can provide top notch server design, the ability for you to choose what rps we make next and much more. You can find our website at
Anime | Entertainment
We are a new Animation Studios just starting out! Message us if you’re in to join us! We will make Manga(s), Anime/Animation(s), Novels, and more! We hope to see you in the Discord server!
Music | Social
#1 Discord for music enthusiasts. Join us for tips and tricks or just to hang out!