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a server for people with DID, OSDD, etc. to connect
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Welcome to Bipolar United. We are a light-hearted 13+ mental health server for those with mental illnesses such as Bipolar, Schizophrenia, DID/OSDD and many others. You can come here and feel that you are in a safe environment. We have: ☁️Roles ☁️General and Anime-themed games ☁️A great support system ☁️We support Plural-kit and SystemTime for those with DID/OSDD. All systems are viewed as valid. ☁️and so much more It's a place to find support in your journey and friends who will understand. We have places to vent and places to talk about those triggering things, and places to talk freely without triggers. Come and visit us, we will welcome you with open arms.
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Peer Support - A Mental Wellness Server! We're here to listen, support, and encourage. -Mental Health Info 📚 -Question of the Day 🤔 -Peer Support 🤝 -Music Chats 🎵 -Stress Relief Rooms 😌 -Meditation channels 🧘 And much more! We are a growing community, open to all.
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Schizophrenia Server to discuss matters about Schizophrenia.
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An experiment in mixing random people from random places in one place with no rules and heavy autism.