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A Forza horizon 4 focused server, meet people to drive with and talk about Forza with. Also a place to meet new people!
Anime | Social
☆.。.:・゜☆゙.。.:・゜☆゙.。.:*・゜☆゙.。.:. Hello! We're a small community centered around anime and our own personal aesthetics. We have channels for gaming, anime, webcomics, and more! The laid back atmosphere also welcomes casual chat. All ages, genders, and ideals are welcome! ☆.。.:・゜☆゙.。.:・゜☆゙.。.:*・゜☆゙.。.:.
Social | Meme
Join our server for TONS of CANCER and FUN. There are little to no rules and you're free to do pretty much anything you want.
Community | Gaming
A chill community that also so happens to own a rust server™
Community | Gaming
Let’s Have Some Fun And Chill Out. Please Respect Rules And Admins At All Times. Any Question Will Be Answered As Best As Possible.
Gaming | Anime
Welcome to the Lounge, where you can talk about games, videos, anime, or just chill with friends or random users. We highly encourage diversity, although we just got started we highly suggest you give us a chance to make you feel comfortable and at home if you are dissatisfied with our sever please leave a recommendation, in the recommendations tab.
Community | Social
This is a fun server mostly for my fans but im pretty new to being a creator so random Are welcome too