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🔥 Welcome to Undermining 🔥 •━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━• Welcome to Undermining! We're basically a chill server, weekly events/giveaways beat-boxing, memes and more! if interested please join the server in go to #info for more information!
Gaming | Community
Colossus is a brand new Practice PVP server on Minecraft Bedrock Edition!
Gaming | Streaming
AromaMC Network is a fun and exciting KitPvP network with many more games to spare. Currently we only have a limited selection, however they're still very fun and enjoyable. Along with that, we have an amazing staff team ready to help you every step of the way!
Gaming | Business
The server was originally a minigames server called gameonlinexd and then on 15/9/19 Founder ultrajo07,co-founders LickTheCheese and EmpHacks made The Official UF discord Mc server will be released in the months of January to March
Gaming | YouTuber
This is a network for Minecraft servers! We have prison and will have other fun servers! We also need staff so join and apply now!
Community | Bot
Features the best bots STILL UNDER DEVOLPMEANT Currently only contains Minecraft bots
Role-Playing | Music
This is a Garry Mod server that is looking for staff and members come check us out!
Anime | Community
✧・゚: ✧・゚: Welcome to Memories :・゚✧:・゚✧ Just a fun, new community Server! Staff, occasional events, norm of the day, match making, NSFW chat, vent channel, dear unknown, polls, cafe, voice channels, small and just created! Use common sense on the internet and keep personal/private information to yourself. I want all of you to stay safe on the internet. Be respectful of others and yourself. Try to keep arguments to a minimum. If you see a Staff Member abusing their power please notify an Owner immediately and we will have them removed. Cussing/foul language is allowed, just down use it against others. We do not accept sexism and or racism. Please be accepting of others gender, race, sexuality, and life choices. Please be kind and respectful to our Staff. The Staff would greatly appreciate it if you could use the channels for their correct purposes. This makes things a lot easier for us. Any suggestions of raiding The Server will result in a Kick. So don't even try.
Gaming | Social
A Pixelmon Server looking for players who would like to be apart of an amazing community! Giveaways, Activity and more!
Community | Anime
Demons is an active server and a place for you to hang out and have fun! We do many things such as Giveaways, Game Nights, Etc!