This is the community Discord for the 'Daily Smash Ultimate DLC prediction' satirical Facebook page: So if you like this page chances are you like smash, and if you're like me you're probably always looking for people to play with, right? So in that case you should join the Daily Smash prediction Discord server! Talk about and suggest the daily predictions, add new people to play against (as well as some occasional offical server arenas), get excited with fellow fans with each new annoucement and just come hang out and chat. Competitive, Casual or just a shitposter, all are welcome, so consider joining us!
Hey This Is MegaRock Here! Welcome to The Discord
A group of creative and thoughtful individuals learning how to improve in our creative fields. We have visual artists, musicians, memers, doomers, zoomers, and boomers. We enjoy sharing art, music and movies together! With a lite theme of space, it's a great place for any cosmic explorer.
In this server we mainly talk about Splatoon, Smash, Mario Kart and more to come! Feel free to join us and make friends sharing your friend code!
The Koi Pond is a Discord server that's specifically designated towards an online Super Smash Brothers: Ultimate online tournament series! We held our first tournament on 3/17/2020, and had 11 participants! We hope to have more in the coming future. Our next tournament occurs on 3/20/2020 and 5:30 PM EST. All of our tournaments are free, and our community, while small, is super friendly and have players of all skill levels and ages! The score reporting process is seamless, and the players are active. We're still adding more to the server every day, and we hope to have at least 20 people registered in the tournament coming up! We also offer: 1. Ultimate character tutoring! 2. A wide network of players always willing to play friendlies! 3. Custom commands used to report scores/call matches! 4. An experienced TO who's always there to answer questions!
Got nowhere to compete or play smash because of Coronavirus? Look no further because SnR is the best place for you! What we offer: -7500+ members -The largest smash community server on discord! -An active community welcoming to all! -24/7 Global Matchmaking -The biggest tournament smash server on discord! -Animal Crossing Events -Free to enter online tournaments with cash prizes every week! -An academy dedicated to improving your smash skills! -Tutors for Smash Ultimate and schoolwork! Come join SnR today!