Political | Military
Ynamreg is an imperialistic country with the intent to dominate all other nations and spread it's organized religion titled "Mikeism".
Military | Hobbies
Hello and welcome to **STALINGRAD 1942**! This server is dedicated to fans of history, reenactment, and gaming. We mainly focus on the eastern front in here, but other fronts/theatres of war are welcome as well, as long as it is World War II.
Role-Playing | Entertainment
There were three, Rhuagi, god of protection, Zitune, goddess of magic, and Zarlos, the god of all things involving death. This fantasy world allows you to continue the story. Will you help end the war? Will you be a high up in the knights of a kingdom? The choice is yours.
Education | Role-Playing
uhh country simulator u make countrys and rule them yeah u can war and stuff
Role-Playing | Political
An alternate world with a medieval setting with warring empire and political intrigue. Join in to lead your people to glory as you unite the world or burn it to the ground.
Gaming | eSports
Mutant Tribe is a unified group of mature adult clans, with a focus on having a friendly and thriving community to help each other get better at war. We believe the best way to get better at war is to practice, so we have multiple clans geared toward different levels and phases of play.
Role-Playing | Writing
A post apocalyptic science fiction military roleplay that is set in a distant future where Earth is nothing butna desolate wasteland after a destructice war against the Harvesters. Humanity now lives in gigantic walled cities and attempts to reconquer the lands beyond, to rebuild mankind and return to its former glory. WHAT TO EXPECT? • A custom lore without any ties to existing franchises/series. It's an original world with new lore. This allows users to discover new information within the server itself and through various lore entries scattered in multiple channels. Don't worry, we have the basics for newcomers. • A persistent, ever-changing world. This is a world that keeps on expanding, changing and new bits of lore shall be revealed either through roleplaying or participating in missions as well as being aware of what is posted in the New World News 'broadcast' that will notify players of the current changes to the world.
Hobbies | Military
Join the 10th. if you're looking for a relaxed Milsim to enjoy on top of Warthunder or potentially other games such as A3 or CSGO.
Gaming | Military
VET-DETTA We have members across the globe, who are willing to play a variety of games, as well as competent admins. If you ever want to play a game, just message, and someone will join you. We play realism and shooter games like - BFV - Tarkov - Siege - Arma 3 - Post Scriptum - Hearts of Iron IV - Squad - War Thunder - DayZ - GTA We are creating a GTA RP and LSPDFR expansion to the server to play FIVEPD and host Los Santos RP.
Gaming | Role-Playing
Austrian Armed Forces Roblox Group Communications server - NUMQUAM RETRO
Gaming | Music
Gaming Chillen Zocken Reden
Political | Military
Discord Nations is a role-play/simulation server where you take up the role of the leader of a country and run it to rise to the forefront of the world. Run the economy, military, and political events while interacting with other players. Create alliances and strategize your supremacy at the forefront of your nation.
Gaming | Entertainment
Join this server for GFL(Global Farming league) recruitment We help every clan who wish to make his/her clan future GFL or want players to recruit We believe in helping so come join us and have fun
Role-Playing | Writing
This is a roleplay about an organization created solely to hunt down a new mutation in humans, one which grants them superhuman abilities. Which side will you take, the side of the scared mutants, or the side of the powerful organization hunting them down? It's your story, after all, so you choose!
Community | Hobbies
if you like history and dont have a stick up your ass, you should join our server. we have plenty of GIRLS and guys who love history, as well as those interested in politics, gaming, airsoft, reenactment, collecting, and of course, memes! channels for ww1, ww2, the civil war, the cold war, and much more! this server is new but growing fast so join to be a part of it! also the server is run by the coolest girl you'll ever meet!
Role-Playing | Bot
Build a glorious Nation! Expand your Empire, customizable role-play and go to war against others. Enjoy having the comfort of full access to the League of Nations Bot in the support server or by adding the bot to your server.
Gaming | Community
An in-developement PvP server build around Moba style of gameplay based in a stereotypical medieval world. We're still quite early in building the community - don't be shy to come and say hi! Main Features: ● A classic medieval universe spanning across old European, Asian, Middle-Eastern and Nordic battlefields. ● 5 handcrafted maps, with more to come ● 3 starting gamemodes: Conquest, Domination, Treasure Rush ● 4 Factions, each with its own unique mechanics and aesthetics ● 14 Different Classes ● In-game shops ● Automated lobbys ● Custom Faction Ranks
Military | Political
A Server orientated around discussion and debate of World War II, feel free to come in and chat about it. We have ranks you can obtain through chatting, as well as debate channels and country categories, so you can choose to side with a nation and debate with other nations.
Gaming | Anime
Check out the War Robots ★ СНГ community on Discord - hang out with 3000+ other members and enjoy free voice and text chat.
Streaming | Gaming
Servidor relacionado a los juegos belicos, RTS, y estrategias.
Entertainment | Role-Playing
the Four Nations from Avatar wage war on each other and elect their leaders and representatives.
Political | Role-Playing
Want to join a realistic roleplay about politics where you can take control of any country and take it to glory? Join us and claim a nation!
Role-Playing | Military
The sky is red and polluted with smoke. The air is thick, it's getting hard to breathe. In the distance are gunshots, a blood-curdling scream, and the thudding from yet another innocent man dropping dead. As the world around you crumbles into ashes, there comes a silhouette, cackling with sick glee as he looks down at the damage he had caused without even exerting too much effort. Meanwhile, ripping off yet another propaganda poster was an enraged man with voids for eyes. He crumples it into a ball and proceeds to toss it onto the ground, stomping on it with all the strength he could muster at the moment. Two other men, one wearing green and another wearing violet gave each other concerned looks, but refused to say anything; his anger was understandable, especially because of the history they've had with the one and only Red Leader, the man who began burning everything down for his entertainment.
Welcome to ExcaliEarth! We are a towny minecraft server that has a map of the earth! Play with your friends or just some people in the server! Have fun!