Gin's Haven is a new discord channel for you who wants a social gaming experience or just a place to chat. The server is in it's building phase, this is why we want more people to join and help us build it up. Most of us are pc players, but we encourage every platform to join. We have bots, meme channels, music channels and streamer channels. Many of us are friends, but most of the users have joined after playing together in the variety of games we enjoy. We are currently playing alot of cod:warzone/destiny/warframe and rust - feel free to join :) We will be hosting a Nitro giveaway the 15th of April, everyone in the server is included - there will be 3 prizes given out. ( - use this link if doesn't work) - Laiout
Trash Brigade is a brand new Multi Gaming Community devoted to growing and creating an environment where you can meet players who are interested in the games you like. We promote our streamers and provide a community Youtube Channel where you can submit replays to be edited with a shoutout and links directed to you. Events/Tournaments are hosted regularly.
We would like to be an active clan, with a supportive and above all friendly community of players for Warframe, Destiny 2 and a multitude of other games. - All research done - Dry Dock & Crimson Branch built - No MR requirement, new player friendly - Donating isn't required but is appreciated - We help with any content, builds, fashion frame - Optional Discord server New and veteran players, anyone who'd like to try to get into Warframe are welcome to join~! All we ask is to be nice
Официален сървър на Warframe Bulgaria! В него може да се намери много голямо количество полезна информация и приятни хора за игра! Линк към сървъра:
Warframe Dynasty is a community of Tenno on PC, Xbox One, Switch and PS4. Instant Price Checks, Weekly Giveaways, Free Promo Codes, Community Polls, Real-time Alerts & News, Plus More! We've got Warframe, Fashion Frame, Music, Anime, & Fun! Join us, Tenno! =)
ENG: TennoLab is a modular discord server created for warframe players and kind of wiki for noobs. Clan require mastery rank 15+ RO: TennoLab este un server de discord modular pentru jucatorii de warframe si un fel de wiki pentru incepatori. Cerinte pentru clan mastery rank 15+
Natural Gaming is a community for gamers. We have our own Minecraft servers, Gamemasters for Arma, Minecraft, Destiny 2(sherpas), & more.
Pixel Party is a fun, chill server to relax and talk with friends. We support many games, such as Minecraft, Rocket League, and CSGO. Join now at!
Warframe Builds search engine provided by veteran players for everyone!
Este é o canal OFICIAL da comunidade brasileira do Warframe. Seja muito bem-vindo, Tenno! Neste canal, você estará reunido com Tennos de todas as plataformas (PC, PS4, XB1 e Nintendo Switch) para participar de discussões, sorteios e aprender mais sobre o nosso universo. Aqui você terá acesso e contato com novos e veteranos jogadores do Warframe, além de parceiros oficiais, Moderadores, membros da DE e muito mais!
Clan of like minded gamers, largely EVE vets, that play other stuff now. Older crowd, 21+, relaxed atmosphere.
This server is focused on Warframe's PvP gamemode: Conclave. Come here to organize matches, discuss strategy, improve, or learn how to host dedicated servers.
Comunidade para jogadores de Warframe SA [PC]
Lethaldrive is a gaming clan that was established on Mabinogi, and extends beyond to a variety of games. If you're looking for real friends, good games, and dank memes, our tight-knit community has a spot for you! Message Paxseko or RatofPlague for an invite to our discord server. Est: 8/30/2011
Warframe Hoş Geldin Tenno Burası bilgi Paylaşım Platformudur
Just a server I created for my YouTube channel which is not active anymore, at least not now. The Server is now being used for me, my friends and their friends. Most of the stuff is focused around gaming, so feel free to join if you'd like to chat and or are looking for some teammates.
Terran Gaming Veterans is a community of PC gamers, largely English speaking, spanning across the globe. Our community and our affiliations have grown in recent years. We're now offering a discord server. Simple rules, little restrictions but administrated.
Server brasileiro pra quem jogar Alien Swarm. Se vc ta procurando alguem pra jogar entra ai meu consagrado.
WARFRAME SERVER. Tá procurando alguem pra jogar co-op? chega junto ai meu consagrado!
Warframe RP centeredbaround Railjack Crew. <Looking for Members>
Salut je suis BusterIV et ce serveur bah c'est tout simplement le mien ici tu pourras discuter avec moi et plein d'autres gens de tes jeux vidéo préféré, trouver des gens avec qui voc et globalement t'amuser. :)
Server de gaming y charla general, hacemos giveaway ayudamos en algunos juegos que jugamos, entre ellos World of warcraft, FFXIV, Diablo III, Overwatch. Etc
Clem Cult Clan is an English speaking gaming community that offers a fun and exciting experience not only to clan/guild members, but to others as well! Feel free to stay with us and hang out.
+4000 miembros, Tenno eres bienvenido a Warframe en Español! Warframe, builds, juegos, arte, memes, musica, anime, fashionframe, bots, alertas, noticias, builds, comercio y mucho mas! Grupo de Facebook: Pagina: Twitter:
Laidback with no rules besides 18+. Come chill, say what's up, play games, whatever you want to do, you can do it here.
Присоединяйтесь к серверу самого сильного русскоязычного альянса, чтобы получать помощь от опытных и взрослых игроков, найти клан, а также новых друзей и товарищей. Платформа PC. Join the server of the strongest Russian-speaking alliance to get help from experienced and adult players, find a clan, as well as new friends and comrades. Platform PC.
Intermission is a brand new, up and coming gaming community which currently has major categories for Smite, League of Legends, Warframe and Minecraft! Join if you're looking for a fun, smaller community to make friends in or talk about your favorite games!
Сервер русского клана по warframe.
Gaming, talking and everything else. Join today!
Welcome to hell! This server is amazing for making new friends, or just socialising in general! We offer: -friendly and funny staff -Nsfw channels -Economy bots -league of nations -music -warframe rivens and trackers And much more! Please injoy your stay in hell!
This is a gaming server for people who play Minecraft, Warthunder, Rainbow Six, and Warframe. If you cant handle a bit of toxicity this server isnt for you, we love to joke around and meme alot
A place for fellow tenno to play and share warframe
Cephalons need a place to live, too. This is a home for Warframe bots and developers, but mostly the works of Tobiah.
Seja bem vindo!
Serveur communautaire Warframe français. Nous avons pour objectif d'aider les nouveaux joueurs avec des helpers volontaires et de permettre aux plus puissants de trouver des alliés du même niveau. Nous disposons aussi d'un channel d'échange pour faciliter les transactions grâce à Discord. Le staff est présent et à l'écoute des besoins de ses membres s'il venait à manquer quelque chose.