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╭ ✭˚・゚✧・゚✭˚・゚✧・゚✭˚・゚✧・゚✭˚・゚✧・゚╮      .· ´Welcome to curiousity Server,     we are all rather mad here...         but then     all the best people are ☆´¨) ¸.·¨)     (¸.·´ (¸.·’* (¸.·’* (¸.·’* (¸.·’* ¨)   Curiosity is owned and run by Alice    & her very helpful moderators.     It is a multi lingual server      we accept everyone       for who they are,    regardless of their backgrounds.    (Now despite that most, people     still prefer to speak English,       it is not compulsory)      The server itself is    Alice im wunderland themed   and is always striving to improve.     ╰✭˚・゚✧・゚✭˚・゚✧・゚✭˚・゚✧・゚✭˚・゚✧・゚╯
A new server mainly focused on creativity, hop on in and share your artwork to the server!
The Mirror of Darkness, one of the most powerful magical items, has finally activated. This mirror’s power allows mortals with magical capabilities to enter the world of Twisted Wonderland if they are drawn in by its power. Inside this villainous realm live the students and staff of Night Raven college, the most prestigious magic training school there is. A select few are allowed to enter its walls and become students or staff. Namely, those who are said to possess the souls of villains are the only attendees. However, thanks to the mirror’s activity, some citizens from our realm have begun to enter the school. Those poor unfortunate souls who wander through the mirror are given two choices. attend Night Raven College under the protection of the headmaster, Dire Crowley, and attempt to figure out how to return to their own realm, or wander this world forever until the darkness overtakes them.