Mockingbird Village 📖 Literate 📆 Long Term RP (Over 2yrs) 🛡 Fantasy ☯️ Balanced Characters 🌈 LGBTQ friendly 🙈 No ERP 🗄 Organized Server/Player info 🗃 20 Roleplay Channels 📋 Quick reference roles Our Purpose This server is geared toward a very specific type of role-player. Unlike the tens of thousands of other servers out there, Mockingbird is for busy people who don't have time to sit and RP for hours a day. (For example: working parents, university students, or students with busy offline schedules and people working two jobs.) Members are required to hold between a few and 70 RP posts per two week period so you can trust everyone here is active but not too active. Setting and Mixed Genre There is no set style of character or genre. We have seen angels, demons, cyborgs, vampires, wizards, Jedi, time travelers, humans with no special abilities, animal-human hybrids, and even non humanoids. Our focus is on story writing, not combat for the sake of combat.
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Townkins: Wonderland Village Official Discord server.
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Do you like medieval history? Well guess what! This is perfect for you! This is a roleplay simulation of a manor, with Medieval Jobs Manor Animals Food Coins Items Armour We are currently sporting high level jobs! Hurry and join before you're left with Serf!