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Welcome to the xMr and xMs clan. A gaming clan with friendly and dedicated gamers who are experienced in a range of different games. The gaming platform for this clan is on XboxOne. Name changes are required as-well as tryouts before being accepted into the clan.
Gaming | Community
At least 5 official server every week with integrated Cad/Mdt system. *3 primary departments (Law Enforcement, Public Safety, Civilian Operations) with specialized units and sub departments opening as needed
Gaming | Sports
A group of now 10ish people who have been playing pc and xbox games from 2007 to now
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Roleplay Community Gaming Friendships
Gaming | eSports
This is a fun fortnite server probably the best join up
Gaming | Social
Server O Slimes is here to satisfy all of your Slime Rancher discussion needs! With 500+ members, our community is active and happy to help and talk to anyone who comes here. We have 5 total bots, 6 fair moderators hand-selected by yours truly, custom emojis for anything you need, and lots of channels to wiggle in! Come on down to Server O Slimes, and stay wiggly my fellow ranchers! We welcome everybody here as long as you follow the rules.
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Join the Xbox Social Club ⭐ Meet new players, promote your stream, read the latest gaming news & more! Over 2K members and growing 🎮
Gaming | Growth
We are a very small and new community looking to grow! ~ Looking to play switch, xbox, ps4 or pc games but you don't have friends because you're a sweaty gamer? You've come to the right place! We hope you enjoy our lovely little community. : ) ~ We have very Active Owners/Admins! ~ A friendly community! ~ Minecraft SMP and Faction realms! ~ Pokecord! ~ Fun daily polls! ~ And we welcome anyone of any age. :)
Gaming | Community
a great place to hangout and play some games!
Role-Playing | Gaming
A XBox One life community on GTA Boosted Level 2 Discord Full Paid Pro CAD Endless opportunities Custom Commands Economy Much more!!
Hello everyone. Personally i find it difficult to find decent people to play with on XboxOne. So i made a discord server where everyone can join and pretty much just link up with different people to game with. Any age is welcomed as long as you follow the rules and respect other members. Just went public today so member count might be low and posting might be slow for awhile but come be some of the first members. Mod applications will be open in a few weeks for those deemed knowledgeable enough. [LFG] Section ✔ Survivalist Section ✔ Redstone Section ✔ Architect Section ✔ More integrated bots to come soon Custom Emojis to come seen (taking submission, minecraft related of course)