Welcome to the cult of /mu/, the unofficial (but you wish it was official) server to 4chan's /mu/ board (and other boards). HERE YOU WILL FIND: *Bots for entertainment *Organized stuff *Joke channels no one will give a care about AND MORE! Join us now, and then get out at approx. 5 hours after (don't)!
Derek's memes: all for the memers! I post 9 memes daily, and you are free to post as well! Stealing is allowed, too! ( just dont be the guy to steal a meme and post it in the same server lol) We have DadBot, and looking to get more bots for all of your memeing needs! This is a close-knit community where you are sure to make friends!
The Roleplay Pad is roleplay server of great proportions! This server was made as a replacement to my old server which was shut down due to the death of it. In this server there is! -Fantastic Mods -Leveling -Kind Community -Interesting Events! -MOSTLY FOOLPROOF RULES! AND MANY MORE!
A server for you this server is nothing different from any other server this server is just like every other one if you don't join oh well if you do a huge welcome.
We are a MEMEY YEETY CRINGY Server with a tiny at community, with shit talking, etc etc, memes Music and more! We allow gaming talk, and suggestions
The Local Lounge is a fun and loving community that is always there to talk and hangout at. All the staff and members are friendly and very caring. Come chill out in The Local Lounge.
Hello everyone if you're reading this then hit the join button that's all. On a serious note we're a gaming community with over 10 active e sports pros that might want to play with you! No joke. If you are in need of some people to que with come on over to the Official SkiGang discord for a amazing time! Note: free custom supporter rank if you say SkiGang in general chat :) Have fun!
Bot | Meme
Welcome to flexiboat, We are starting development on a new bot. We are currently recruiting beta-testers and developing a web-dashboard.
Join this server: https://discord.gg/M4DJNK3 if you want new friends in different games!!
We are idiotic nerds pretty much
Server for ZPZ (youtube.com/zpzyt)
A fun, cool gaming community (or just a community for anyone to chill). Just starting out this server. Very small at the moment, but will grow!! We have several gaming roles, meaning gamers unite, and will take in requests!
This server is just for fun and is new and hopefully in the future it can be used for finding people to play games for fun. It is mainly a gaming discord but you can use it also to get latest patch notes for games and there is a music bot and multiple stat track bots for you to use. I really hope you consider joining.
This server is made for you to have fun with your friends unless you're lonely... well yeah. THIS SERVER IS A FLIGHT SIMULATOR FOR FIVEM