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what is astro dog

  • astro dog is a discord server manager that provide: Music, Moderation, Anti-Raid, Tickets, Suggestions, Verification, Economy, Fun. etc
  • Latest features that Discord gives to bots

how to use astro dog

  • to see all the commands type -help


scroll down to see all the commands

Music system with the best quality

  • Supports: Youtube, SoundCloud, Spotify, Deezer, Twitch, Apple, Bandcamp, Https (Radio) ]

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  • Anti-Raid Slash Commands

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/Anti-Raid on, /Anti-Raid off, /Verify,

  • Tickets Slash Commands

/Tickets on, /Tickets off off, /Ticket edit, allows you to edit the customization that you created before by using

  • moderation commands Slash Commands and Text commands

/ban, /kick, /lock, /mute, /nickname, /purge, /unban, /unmute, /give-role /remove-role

  • economy commands

bal, beg, dep, with, daily, give,

  • games

avatar, jail, slap, meme, panda, dog, snipe, calculator, 8ball, calculator, hug, whois,

  • Premium Commands

-setup(select a only channel Music channel use -setup)

prefix**-** support server: