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Emoji | Role-Playing
ScrumpBot is a heavily customizable Discord bot, with hundreds of unique and awesome features.
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ScrumpBot Support Icon
Emoji | Role-Playing
ScrumpBot is a heavily customizable Discord bot, with hundreds of unique and awesome features.
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Education | Bot
Find the roots of polynomials, find their factors. Search for chemical compounds, balance equations, search wikipedia and so more!
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Bot | Meme
A Powerful Moderation Bot Built To Manage Discord Server's With Fun Activities.
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Financial | Crypto
The bot provides real time info about thousands of stock symbols and various crypto tokens.
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Music | Meme
Welcome to Selever Bot! a whistelister bot! It's in Beta V1.2 Start by using !start it will create a #verify channel and @Unverified (Red) and @Verified) (Green) Roles
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Community | Streaming
Tää on tälläinen community palvelin ja olen streemaja. Pidän streameja twitchissä ja haluan kasvattaa communityäni Twitch: Poke__pvp
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Hey there Arctic is a basic moderation discord bot the prefix of the is a! type a!help for the bot commands.
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Music | Bot
KL Radio 🎵 makes it possible to listen to your favorite music with all your friends. Add it to Discord today and start listening!
Insomniac Icon
Levels and role levels, Twitch Twitter and Youtube alerts (coming soon), music, role reactions, logs, and more!!!
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Programming | Crypto
Ultimate Discord bot for developers. Write custom slash commands in Node.js. No server required. If you can code it, Fusebot can run it. Run /fusebot after inviting to your server to get started.
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This is the infugia server and the description needs to be over 100 characters and so I have to make a description
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Gaming | eSports
This is an Chill zone bot the best of the best —————————————————— Welcome to Chill zone ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ We are currently looking for new players to populate our server. We are fair and welcome of everyone and are against any form of discrimination. We look for active and loyal players to help make us an amazing server. In hopes that we can have members willing to Sweat😀 and have fun. -we play all types of games -Fun -Good staff team -Fun bots -Active -Against discrimination of any kind -Supports LGBTQ+ -Fair staff and moderators -Alliances And Much More! We hope to see you with us soon! -Yours truly CHILL ZONE!
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Anime | Bot
Mikuni is the best waifu anime ! Miku Hatsune Sponsorship ^^ | How to use Mikuni Bot commands? Use e! as prefix (m?help). Mikuni is amazing bot, perfect as bot : Moderation => (m?warn/m?mute/m?ban), Fun => m?fun, Games => m?games, Music => m?music, Economy => m?economy, Info => m?info, Image => m?image, Utility => m?utility, Horni => m?horni (just working in nsfw channel), Search => m?search, 'Server Support' => Server Team : Server Owner => Arane Miku#5070 Bot Developer => Saizuo#0007
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Entertainment | Music | Community
The only bot you'll ever need! - (Voice) Levels - Music - Moderation - Logs - Invite Tracking - Reaction Roles - 20+ Languages - Dashboard
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Maki Icon
Entertainment | Music | Community
The only bot you'll ever need! - (Voice) Levels - Music - Moderation - Logs - Invite Tracking - Reaction Roles - 20+ Languages - Dashboard
Betta Icon
Crypto | Gaming
A discord bot where you can bet on soccer and DOTA2 matches! A crypto ecosystem where you can mine and get coins! Place your bets now!
ShoeBot Icon
This is my basic testing bot! It does almost all the things that all of my other bots do, and it usually does them first!
Tervetuloa discord kanavalleni täältä löydät tuoreimmat uutiset ja ilomoitukset milloin striimi starttaa!!
spyo Icon
Education | Technology
Information technology based bot can search tech queries and comes with tons of linux tools.
Nitrado.DEV Icon
Gaming | Community
Killfeed.DEV is the #1 Dayz Killfeed for your Discord. It works with Xbox and PS4 DayZ servers. This DayZ mod lets you post all your servers log events to a Discord server. To activate the BOT create an account at https://killfeed.DEV
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Community | Music
Hi, I'm Nyx! I'm a multipurpose Discord bot constantly striving to bring the most useful tools to your Discord server! Ranging from simple, fun commands, to making your members feel welcomed, to full-fledged moderation, I'll always be by your side!
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Entertainment | Music
A FREE Vietnamese Bot with lots of free to use functions you've never seen :0 !
♜ Icon
Streaming | Growth
Twitch & YouTube(Beta!) Live role / Live Announcements / Multi Twitch / Points for watching based on your Discord members!
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a music bot for you
Zuly Icon
Community | Bot
## 📋 A multifunctional bot for discord - Anime - Economy - Music ## 👨‍💻 Less work and more fun! Star is a bot focused on anime, where you get all kinds of things. Music (you can play anime songs with z!animu). ## ✨ Zuly... is to eat? No, but I was made to help on your server, developed in the eris library using [JavaScript]( & [NodeJS]( ## 💁 What if I need help? You can enter my support server here: [Click Here]( ## 🥳 Convinced me, how do I add? If you want to use star on your server, you can [Click Here]( <iframe src="" height="660" width="1200"></iframe>
Magnis Bot Icon
Bot | Gaming
Kayıt Sistemi - Moderasyon - Guard - Eğlence - MTA Askeri Sunucu Sistemi - ve bir çok özellikler ile sizlere sunuyoruz. Yakında Daha çok özellik ile sizlere hizmet ediceğiz. Magnis Botumuz 7/24 Hizmetinizde ve Sizlere sunduğumuz hizmetler ile bir sorun yaşarsanız .bug-bildir komutu ile Bot Sahibine bildirim gidicektir. .istatistik yazarak bot sahibine ulaşabilirsiniz.
Inosuke Bot Icon
Anime | Social
Inosuke Bot Discord This inosuke bot I was inspired by the anime character in kimetsu no yaiba this character who always wears a pig mask and he is good at using a sword
Lisenok Icon
Furry | Design
opato's Leaks Icon
Support | Programming
A opato's Leaks é um servidor de leaks, uma loja, e muito mais! Junta-te a nós e torna-te um configurador!
LeijonaRP Icon
Role-Playing | Gaming
Tervetuloa! Tämä on suomalaisten luoma roolipeliserveri. Liity ihmeesä mukaan, sillä pettymään sinä et tule.
Dream-PL Icon
Bot | Hobbies
Dream-PL , Make your Funny moment | Prefix : [ D. ] | | D.userinfo | | D.invite | | D.discord |
Discor Me Icon
Community | Hobbies
On this server we talk about the most paranormal things that happened to us, we also talk about movies, you can send your creatures and many other things, let's go in!
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Botti jakaa linkkiä Botti jakaa linkkiä Botti jakaa linkkiä Botti jakaa linkkiä Botti jakaa linkkiä
Rikai Icon
Anime | Music
Префикс: ! Привет! Меня зовут Rikai Если тебе нравиться слушать музыку и аниме, то Я тебе нужен! Я способен найти любое аниме по вашему вкусу. Если вам надо найти определенное аниме, то он тоже хорошо с этим справится. Такеж, если Вы хотите посмотреть какой-то новое аниме на определенный жанр, то Я подберёт Вам аниме с хорошим рейтингом. А если вы сидите с друзьями, и Вам скучно. То Я способен поднять всем настроение включив музыку.
SlickBot Icon
Bot | Community
SlickBot is the best bot you can ever have! the best features all in one bot. We are updating the bot actively with new features too! With this bot, you can finally set up your discord server professionally!
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Gaming | Streaming
this server for community my streaming and gaming u can join and support me to this streaming tnx for join and supporting me
lol bot Icon
Meme | Emoji
lol im a [email protected]@)[email protected])7)1)7#18)#81([email protected]($;2(#/7#([email protected](-);@)#)[email protected]‘okiksiksijJsjiuahuhshkuhbvuhdksvfhishufvbfduhsbfvdssdhuovbsdshuovbddsiuhvbshruivboserhuvbsehriuvbaerobqrevuoyebvauiyvrbeauyivvberyuvibaivuybaviyuarevbaeyurfbfryauofbewafyubaeeofaeybufbeuaiyvbaehurvbraeuhivbaerguivbrsevhbvresiuhvberegvurivbserbiugvorgeub
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Community | Gaming
Official Moderation Bot die FaysSpielplatz Dieser Bot ist ein selbstentwickelter Bot für denn Discord Server FaysSpielplatz
Pohjanmaa Icon
Gaming | Role-Playing
Hyvä Suomiteemainen serveri ei Luotiroolipeliä ja helppoa rahaa muistakaa jakaa kavereille ja hakea whitelist duuniin!!!.
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invite bot ........................................................................................................................................................................
Alchemy Icon
Bot | Music
We ask that you do not modify the permissions we ask you, the bot cannot work without the administrator permission, customizing the permissions will also cause problems in the bot malfunction. If you have any problems join our server and we will help you create a ticket. music commands work properly. We will be adding new functions and commands if the bot disconnects or does not respond for this reason.
Truth OR Dare Icon
Bot | Hobbies
The Truth OR Dare discord bot. You can use bot with ( /truth ) or ( /dare ). Slash Commands. [ /help ]. Support Server :
SpoTteDsKuLL_Utility_BOT Icon
Gaming | YouTuber
Hi I'm Spotted_Skull and this my server description. This server is made by a new youtuber named Spotted_Skull. Here we hangout, talk, chill and have fun. We even have many for our members to entertain. We even host customs for fun or if some of our members want to have a verses with us.
Hot Dog NFTs Icon
Art | Crypto
Hot Dog NFTs , generative 10,000 Hot Dogs. Powered by Ethereum Blockchain. AIRDROP SURPRISE TOKEN FOR HOLDER 20 MINTS.
KaroqKATVBot Icon
Gaming | Streaming
Hier ist der Community Discord vom Streamer KaroqKATV! Komm und zock mit uns! Fühl dich hier wie zuhause! Aber benehmen ist uns wichtig!
$cord | Mine crypto on discord! Icon
Financial | Mature
This bot allows you to mine a brand new crypto! $crod. To mine some it's easy, each new member increase your balance. This bot is brand new so don't be too harsh on the bugs, unfinished things, etc! Each 20 new members you have on your server will be equal to aprox 1.9470 $cord. (this doesn't count user who were already there before you add the bot) Type helpmining (no prefix) for instruction.
Assistente do Brunelio Icon
Streaming | Sports
Óla meus amigos venham conhecer o meu server de streming, e venham conviver e fazer novos amigos, e apoiar o streamer
assistente coimbra Icon
Gaming | eSports
Óla venham conhecer o servidor Coimbra Roleplay, para quem gosta de Roleplay e queira embarcar nesta aventura connnosco.......
Karen Icon
Gaming Community currently playing Path of Exile. US Softcore League Group farming for easy profit. We encourage everyone to make a specialized group build for high end group farming. These builds would include DPS carry, Aurabot, Tauntbot, Curser, Mana Guardian, and Magic Find. Premium stash tabs to share leveling gear, maps, rares, and uniques. Any donations of MTX points are always welcome and appreciated.
standoff bot 3 Icon
Bot | Entertainment
самый лучший бот по стандофф 2 в мире !!!
Your nan Icon
Eats batty crease and eats your toes so be careful around those hoes wtf is this lollllllllllllllllll
All Music 24/7 Icon
Music | Entertainment
This bot is plays music 24/7 for free . This bot has amazing features . You can control the bot using emoji . List of all commands .clip Plays a clip sound .clips List all clips .help (h) Display all commands and descriptions .invite Send bot invite link .loop (l) Toggle music loop .lyrics (ly) Get lyrics for the currently playing song .move (mv) Move songs around in the queue .np Show now playing song .pause Pause the currently playing music .ping Show the bot’s average ping .play § Plays audio .playlist (pl) Play a playlist from youtube .pruning Toggle pruning of bot messages .queue (q) Show the music queue and now playing. .remove (rm) Remove song from the queue .resume ® Resume currently playing music .search Search and select videos to play .shuffle Shuffle queue .skip (s) Skip the currently playing song .skipto (st) Skip to the selected queue number .stop Stops the music
BotDiscord Icon
Iam A Bot OF Discord, And .... bro I don't know... I don't even know why I wrote this is serious '-'
SwizBot Icon
Bot | Anime
-The bot has many advantages like moderation, fun commands ,public commands, delete some bad words,Swiz have some games like rps, and the bot is very safe,you can use it for more than one thing,and if you cannot use anything, you can go to the support and ask them there is a support 24 hours.Swiz has also a good dashboard so what are you waiting for,add swizbot and have fun. -Dashboard:https//
Musicophile Icon
Music | Community
An Epic discord music bot, supports Spotify, Soundcloud, YouTube with Shuffling, Volume Control and Slash Commands support!
Jordan Belfort Icon
Want to learn how to get good at stocks the right way?! Here at this community, we strive towards building both an information center, learning and growing clique, and a community for people to connect and grow together!
SDM Icon
Community | Music
Local music artists, songwriters and their most ardent fans are invited to join Socially Driven Music and be connected with each other and social good causes they are equally passionate about. We connect artists, songwriters, fans and causes and create communities to enable working together for reciprocal benefit. Music creators will discover new opportunities to expand their fan bases and impact social good.
SnipeRsı Bot Icon
Gaming | Entertainment
valla boş kalmasın diye random: sasdsadsasdsadsadsadsasdasdasdsadsadsadsadsadsadsasdasdsadsadsasdasdasd
ShortURL.Best URL Shortener Icon
Social | Technology
Get an excellent Discord URL Shortener Bot! Use the command /short to create your custom short url. We have many customization options such as domain selection, custom aliases, password protection and much more! Join our support server today!
Beeper Icon
Crypto | Investing
Beeper is your financial market companion for Discord. Get real time quotes for any US stock or cryptocurrency by including its symbol prefixed by $ in a message. For example, to get a Tesla quote you could say: “Did anyone see that $TSLA drop?”, and for Dogecoin: “$DOGE to the moon!”. You can also message Beeper directly for quotes. Beeper allows you to set price alerts in your channels. To configure price alerts use the /alert set of slash commands: /alert create price /alert list /alert delete Use Beeper to drive conversations in your Discord community!
Isimaksaa™ Icon
Bot | Anime
isimaksaa discordissa ei ole sääntöjä täällä saa tehdä ihan mitä itse haluat ja ihan miten haluat
ArdreamPRO BOT Icon
ArdreamPRO v2200 USKO version olarak hizmet vermek için tekrar aranıza katılmıştır. Bizi yeniden tercih ettiğiniz için minnettarız.
Larry Icon
Warframe Xbox discord serving the Acolytes of Helios and the Prophets of Pythia clans. Active and well managed discord bot.