Community | Gaming
Active vc text chill community gaming models snap chat instagram twitter reddit 4chan hot girls and guys league fortnite overwatch csgo server sfw (no nsfw) growing server
Anime | Growth
This is a relaxed, slow-going server for sharing your day and hanging out. The server is always moderately active, and we have regular movie streams. We have a 4chan culture, please mind that uwu
Community | Meme | Social
Looking for a server with maximum freedom? Join this and say literally anything you like! We've got: + Humans + Bots + Both SFW and NSFW channels + Relaxed mods We're a small but growing server, join today! You WILL make friends, guaranteed!
Community | Meme
• Say anything you want, your speech won't be deleted or censored • No one will be kicked/banned for having disagreeing opinions or insulting mods • Varied mix of international frens, genders and beliefs.
Gaming | Crypto
The most based ARK gaming meme community on discord.
Community | Growth
Tertia Optio is a neurodivergent server for anyone with a disorder or disability, it's new and sorta under construction so if ya have suggestions I'll take note. The aim is to be edgy since the admin (me) am pretty edgy.
Gaming | Science
Basically a server for shitposting, talking about animals, and playing minecraft
lovely and nice server for the incels and thirsty , touch starved egirls. no rules besides being nice :]
Anime | Community
The official server of 4channel's RWBY/RT General community.
Community | Meme
~img6: the innovative image board~ ~This site took inspiration from the popular social network called "4chan".~ ~It was made by one individual.~ This is just a simple bullet-in board style site where you can share images and talk about anything you want. Site:
Community | Entertainment
This Discord is all about having slightly homoerotic conversations with friends about life and occasions sharing Tik Tok videos
Community | Meme
XChan is a cross-platform advertised community looking for new members in our newly growing community, 57k before reboot. VC, Bots, Memes. -Staff Apps Are Open--
Streaming | Gaming
The Vidya Gaem Awards (or /v/GA's) official Discord Channel.
Gaming | Anime
Welcome cowboys to this new here server. I would appreciate if you joined this awesome gamer community.
Entertainment | Meme
Like completely terrible servers that are completely awful and shouldn't exist? Join us!
Meme | Social
Here at 𝙺𝚅𝙻𝚃 we have many things to offer: ❧ Goth Vibes ❧ Interests channels for art, gaming, tabletop, MBTI and more. ❧ 24/7 Active Chat ❧ Interesting People ❧ Fun Server Events ❧ Music Bots and Active VC ❧ All things Grimdark
LGBT | Gaming
Server dedicated to traps/transgenders based on relaxed administration. Let your autism be free!
Social | Beliefs
No categories. No text channels. Only an elevator that brings you down to 9 levels of hell. Sometimes you will find someone, sometimes you might hear strange sounds.
Community | Entertainment
fun 4chan culture sub-culture community games gamble music
LGBT | Community
Welcome to the guild!. We are a friendly 18+ community loosely originating from the Gay General of 4chan. We're always growing and looking for new members, so come join the chaos!
Entertainment | Community
an enneagram-based server, but it's not really centered around typology as much as it is around having a fun and chill atmosphere. come join <3
An animal crossing server with extremely limited rules to allow for maximum freedom and enjoyment without pressure from mods.
Social | Anime
18+, Active VC, Video Games, Movies, Anime, Occultism, 4chan, Server Drama. We all heckin suck. We are the scum of the earth. We all probably smell ((good))
Community | Meme
Looking for a community with memers and shitposters alike? Looking for an active voice chat? Looking for porn? Looking to become moderator or even admin? Check out Trifolium if either of those options sound tempting to you!
Meme | Furry
The Discord server of the My Little Pony CyTube Channel
Role-Playing | Community
A discord server for SCP fans, or anyone interested in the SCP foundation to roleplay and discuss.
Anime | Entertainment
a tiny weeb-y server that has recently publicly re-opened. ever new member is massively appreciated ! ily
Meme | Community
Join For Fun Goofs
Community | Art
A 4chan inspired community dedicated to r9k girls and other egirls
Gaming | Community
Sh*t Server (18+) Sh*t Server (18+) Sh*t Server (18+) Sh*t Server (18+) Sh*t Server (18+)
Language | Community
This server is home to Black people, Drunk Swedes, (((Women))), British Niggas, Dog Niggas, glowniggas, hoeniggas, snowniggas??? Join and I will setup an arranged marriage between you and our local 13 year old, Mari
A server for discussing literature.
Role-Playing | Meme
The year is 2012 you've just finished playing call of duty black ops on your xbox 360 and join a voice chat with your friends to talk about your favourite rage comic and how you epic trolled a squeaker in your zombies game.
Meme | Growth
A hideout for online vagabonds dedicated to discussion about anything. This server is not a safe-space. Expect 4chan culture inside.
Community | Social
Social Community 4chan VC Small
Community | Growth
A place to make new friends and talk about things such as dreams, discuss based music, watch peak kino together, recommend literature, and much more. normies go home...
Music | Hobbies
Music server surrounding the /mu/ board of 4chan, moderated to the minimum extent possible.
Gaming | Community
Welcome to Genshin Impact General Discord server. no rules aside from discord's own.
Community | Meme
a warm cesspit of lovely but retarded individuals music movies social join kej kejkekkekjekkejkekkekjekkejkekkekjekkejkekkekjekkejkekkekjek
Political | LGBT
This is the great effort of revival of the original POLGB server from years past. No, this is not run by the pedo fed jew that ran the last one. We're simply grifters.
Gaming | Social
Vein Coalition is a group of friends and people looking for a chill server to make friends and play video games. Despite the name "coalition", VC is NOT a politically charged server.
Social | Meme
unfiltered chat for autists of the interwebs. come chat about the holohoax or just post pron. normies btfo.
Anime | Social
A server where the chat has a pinch of toxicity.. but never cringe. join if you're looking for minimal moderation with chill people and... yes we have girls THERE ARE ONLY 2 GENDERS
Programming | Technology
Deutscher Server für diverse programmier- und nerd Themen. Language-Bashing, shitposting und Autismus stehen an der Tagesordnung. Jeder ist willkommen da jede Programmiersprache gleichermaßen diskreditiert wird!
Community | Entertainment
Epic win super cool shitposting server with gamers and egirls and all that degenerate stuff lmao WOW.
Community | LGBT
join us for cute nazi femboys, cute trad wife trannies, and overall based and redpilled webms/memes.