Furbuilder's Studio is a server dedicated to giving new fursuit makers the resources and discussions they're looking for.
We are just an art discord server that lets you share any form of art you want, maybe even appreciate some cats and tea along the way! (^=˃ᆺ˂)
Hi! [email protected]! is an art server where you can post your artwork for whatever reason you want to, as of right now we're a relatively small server so it would nice if you'd join! ~artist appreciation month where you can write an essay on an artist and at the end of the month submit! ~accepting of every kind of artist, besides the thieving kind ~18+ channels for the 18+ ~critique and advertisement channels (please keeps ads art related) ~not sponsored by the scum known as Bang! energy~
Welcome to Music Factory. Music factory is, as the name suggests, a server to listen to music in. It’s a fairly new server with a lot of potential and some unique features. We are always striving to make the server better and add more features.
The point of this server is for nude figure studies and artistic nude pieces. This is for the more artistic side of nudity. I hope to provide a fun server where we can share our studies and pictures and give each other good constructive criticism.
Welcome! We're a server for artists, occultists and anyoneelsists. Cooking? Fooded! Painting? Painted! Music? We play it! We produce it! Drawing? Drew'd! Art! Magic! Hopefully not too much drama! Steve French! Food!
Hi, I'm Kat Kween! I make art and stuff and wanted to make a server for it. It's not entirely focused on my art tho, of course, I want it to be an awesome community of random people hangin out :3 Please check it out, it even has its own personal emojis and stuff!
Art | Meme
This is a very small and art discord free for anyone to join and talk about art, This server is targeted for people who want a tame and calm community. So far we got less than 10 members so come join the canvas and help it grow! I hope to see you there
A supportive and friendly artist community.
Join a great Spotify loving community, where you can find all of the answers to your musical needs. Just give it a try.
Are you a fan of Aries? Or make your own music? well this is the perfect place for you to come hang out and talk about everything Aries and music! Welcome Home :) We Offer: *Talk about producing, mixing and creating music *Self assignable and leveled roles *A relaxed laid back community *A community to talk about Aries as much as your heart desires!
Art | LGBT
Artlantic Devocean is a server for queer and ally content creators. Our goal is to help content creators network and gain recognition for their work.
Looking to hire someone to do original artwork for you? This is the place! ♛☆ART ♚☆COMMISSIONS ♛☆COMPETITIONS ♚☆LEVELS
Imrpove your drawing skills and do challenges as you share art with other artists and discuss about them!
We are a friendly medium sized group of artists and art enthusiasts who like to chat, play games, and joke around. Come hang out with us! Cute/soft theme, NSFW +18, friendly, English speaking.
A hangout for people who like to draw animals (or not).
Artists United is an international art-network where Artists, Friends of art, potential Clients & potential Co-workers find together. We welcome Creative Minds of any experience level and provide everyone a non-toxic haven to share artworks & experience, to get feedback & critiques, to compete in challenges & art-games, to teach, learn, chat or vent, to announce art-streams, and to hire hundreds of Freelancer Artists. We are an affable and relax adult community, constantly improving & developing unique new features. Despite we have a strict set of rules and make an effort to realize our User's feedback and ideas. Our server language is english.
A small server for creative adults. Come to create, have fun and make friends. We have a strong art focus, but we also have regular chilling and fun events. ~
We have channels to cover just about every form of art you can think of and art-specific competitions. Don't think that's enough? We also support sculpting, graffiti, and calligraphy! As well as the art of the written word! We are super excited to bring this community to you, join today!