We welcome people of all communities.
Art | LGBT
Rebooted art server that is LGBT+ inclusive and gamer friendly
We are a extreme fun and friendly server for artists or people who love art in general. Our focus is mainly anime art, but all the art types are accepted! Come promote your art, comms and make some friends : ) !
The Apothecary is a small haven for people interested in art, writing, photography, or anything. Get advice and chat with other artistic minds!
Art | LGBT
Are you a gay gifted with some creative talent. Are you an artistic ally? Are you trans and love to make textiles? Well, we've got the server for you! LGBTQCreatives is a friendly place for LGBTQ, POC, The Ace Community, and Allies alike with a love for art! You can promote your commissions, ask for critique, or just hang out with people that have similar interests. You don't have to be able to draw to join either. Sculptors, musicians, poets, etc are all welcome!
Welcome to Café Macchiato! As the owner of the server I hope to provide a safe and fun environment for you as you enjoy yourself in our variety server with our fun staff and regulars~! We have events like DnD nights, Cards Against Humanity, and skribbl.io, fun roles, levelling system that earns you rewards in the server! We aim to provide an environment for artists, gamers, and anyone looking to socialize! We'll have events like: -Bad fanfic nights! -Cards Against Humanity! -Contests where you win server roles! -Sims streams! -OC sharing! -DND nights! -Minecraft server! and much more!
Welcome to Creation Heaven! We cater to writers, artists, creators and fans of anime, manga and video games! We also host weekly events call Nitro Games where you have a chance to win a Month of Discord Nitro. We have a great and active staff, friendly chats, promotional channels, games, voice channels and many bots to fuel your enjoyment. Hope to see you all soon!
Game development for indies, students and professionals!
hola! this is obama's personal art server! we do have lots of haha funnies. we have monthly contests and channels for different uses! have fun and enjoy.
[[ Espresso's Hangout ]] ART||ANIME ||GAMING||MUSIC∠( ᐛ ∠) Espresso's Hangout is a non-toxic friendly community on Discord that focuses on art and anime but also forging new friendships.
Artsy Farsty is a creative community server for primarily artists, singers, etc., but anyone is allowed! We're LGBTQ+ & Mental Health friendly!
This is an Art community Server, which you can share your Artwork either would be Digital Arts, Traditional Arts, Drawings, 3D Model, Sculpture, etc. If you are an Artist we recommend you to join the server.
Server community for artists to share their art and give tips and inspiration to others.
Chillcord is an open community with very few rules and is a TRUE free speech server.
A new discord community about all sorts of artists! We encourage making friends, learning, and having fun.
welcome, i am atlas, your host for the night. won't you come inside?
Easel Street was created with the art community in mind. Our purpose is to create a fun, welcoming, social environment for artists of all ages and all skill levels. Share your resources, guides, references, tips, and--of course--your art!
Welcome everybody to Bubblez Creationz Discord server! Keep up to date on news about Bubblez Creationz and BubblezwithaZ, interact with the staff, and chat with the community.
A small, friendly artist's server made for meeting new people that focuses around the art of stardustrabbitt. Everyone is welcome!
Active community with several giveaways posted including Minecraft Java Edition, several x1 month Nitros, and 1 year Nitro ending soon! Join now to participate in giveaways. We have gaming bots such as Premium Mudae (Waifu Claiming Bot), Economy Bot, etc.
A new and growing community for game developers, artists and gamers. If you love this stuff, want to socialize with people who do it, or better, learn it, then this is the place for you. We host links to great articles, resources, challenges and events. The only thing we don't have is you. Join us, we'll be worth your time.
A server and community solely dedicated to the fanbase of James Charles!
Fractal Highlands is an Art centered server with a strong focus on positivity and lifting each other up. This is a place to share your art/creations and inspiration, receive/give critique and help each other get better at what we love. All art is welcome, there are members who make music, anime fan art, psychedelic art, mandalas, acrylic paintings, digital art, photo manipulation, and we would love to have more creative people join. Feel free to join if you are just starting art and need guidance, or are already a professional and want to help others we have people from all stages of artistry.
If you're interested in branching out and finding more platforms to post and share your artwork and online presence by all means, join us! You can share your OCs, worlds you've built, and maybe tips of the trade & share them to others! You don't have to be an artist to join our server!
Art sharing and Art Support, Weekly art events in the works.
This is a chill sfw server where you can just chat and make friends, frequent giveaways, and an active community
The Artists Den, a safe place for artists and musicians to share their work and make friends. We support each other, and are welcoming to everyone!!
A place for an aspiring artist known as KittyCatMuse to get her art out there. A fun chill place with some rules to follow, meet new people with similar interests. We've got, roleplaying, Waifus/husbandos, music, fun and more, we even have some aspiring Voice actors/actresses. It may be small now, but it could grow in the future. Do you like kitties? Doggos? This is the place for you!
Welcome to the Midnight Milkbar! We have a variety of tasty milkshakes for you to try, which will have you coming back for s'more!
A community about for music listeners and artists and promoters
Hello and welcome to the SUPER ART SQUAD!!! Here we strive to develop a small community where people will share art and make friends, complimenting others work and giving someone a hand! --------------------------------------- We have: -Chat channels -Art channels (both SFW/NSFW) -Memes And more! Hope to see you there 👋
An art server for all artists! Family friendly and NSFW space for 18+ only! LGBTQ+ friendly, furry friendly and many more! Show your art, art tips and opinions! Make your art noticed by many artists! Improve your art, talk about art!
A place to share and listen to music! meet other people with similar music taste, share some tunes, and jam out! Our server is all about music, come take a look.
Art Haven is an artistic marketplace that provides a platform for artists, crafters, and enthusiasts alike to buy and sell creative goods and services. This Discord server is an extension of our art community and is open for anyone to join!* Features: 1) Automatic roles based on your Art Haven account. 2) Fun server-wide events including movie streams, art challenges, and voicechat games. 3) Update channels with content from Art Haven. 4) Off-Topic channels ranging from games to hobbies. 5) Self-promotion channels for your art, crafts, social media, etc. 6) Bot games and activities with designated channels. And lots more! *You must have an account on our community, www.arthaven.co, to gain full access to our server.
Do you like Anime or Gaming? Well here's a server that's centered around both of those things! Join a friendly server with people ready to talk to you! Are you an artist? Well most of the people in our server are too, so you'll fit right in. Are you not an artist? Don't worry, we have several other channels for you to talk in! Join Today
This server is all about sharing your art work and making friends, you can also share memes or just some images and videos! we have a drawing contest that you can enter to win yourself a free role you can customise the colour and name! I would really appreciate it if you joined :))