Social | Anime
This server welcomes all and loves making phone calls almost every night, If you love ASMR, anime or just making friends, feel free to join us, we love meeting new people and chilling out, Welcome to the Family!
Entertainment | Language
AoT is a server dedicated to the ASMR sensation. Here you can share and discuss about ASMR videos, voice work, unintentional triggers, everything that tingles your brain. Also, because ASMR invloves a lot of whispers not always in english, you can also find dedicated chans for those languages. We need more mods to moderate more languages. If you are an ASMRtist or a member of a voice circle, we would be happy to give you the artist role and we would be proud to have you in the community.
Social | Community
Think of this server as a meeting grounds. Everyone is welcome here.
Gaming | Community
A place to enjoy gaming, asmr, and streaming. The server also has channels for discussing mental health/anxiety/depression related topics. If you need someone to talk to or just looking to squad up, then you've found the right server.
Community | Gaming
This is a server for blackpilled incels, /v/ obsessed geeks, anime weebs, 4channers, 8channers, good taste in music. - No jews allowed. - No CIA niggers a.k.a glowersinthedark. - No commies allowed. - No e-thots allowed. - No normies allowed. You´re welcome, if you are qualified to enter.
Entertainment | YouTuber
The Official Discord server of Asmr Boss
YouTuber | Entertainment
Jojoslays ASMR's sever a place to talk about ASMR, anime, and more.
Community | Social
Hi we support and befriend anyone who would like to join, if you love anything to do with voices or just chatting in general then feel free to join, everyone is equal in this server and we love you all -Sarah Type of things we love to do: Voice acting and calls Collab Plans General chatter Advice and help
Community | Support
Hey! Come join us 🙂 We're a community built to improve the personal wellbeing and more importantly, the physical well-being of everyone! Join us for 💤ASMR, 📒Journals, 🎟️Mental Health Support + more!