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A server for discussing games, sharing media, and making friends, centralised around the video game series, Persona!
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Kural Mural Yok Bebeyim.
Streaming | Gaming
Die wachsende Community eines Twitch-Streamers.
Welcome to Gamerforge, were a gaming community of like minded gamers. we came together over a vast many games, our group is well rooted with alot of people in other communitys, and with our current many gamers. need a place to call home for you and your crew? look no further this place has it all, any channels you want ill make them, you can have em pass worded or public, the choice is yours. we game, we stream, we have fun. So if your interested feel free to join and pm me ill set you up. and as always happy gaming.
Gaming | eSports
Wir sind eine Deutschsprachige Community mit aktiven Admins! Du suchst nach einem Ort um Leute zum zocken zu finden? Du suchst einen Ort um dich über die neusten Updates und erfolgreichen Strategien zu informieren? Ob Pro oder Anfänger bei uns ist jeder herzlich willkommen. Bei uns findest du das alles strukturiert zusammengefasst! Also warte nicht und schau mal vorbei! Sucht euch neue Mitspieler oder holt euch die neusten Infos über Valorant!!! Ihr habt bei uns auch die Möglichkeit für Self Promotion für euren Youtube Kanal oder Twitch.
Gaming | Community
Welcome to Silk Road We are a group of friends playing multiple games together. Most of us met playing Atlas and after that continued to keep enjoying different games. Our goal is to keep playing with our group. Every game we switch to we find new people to play with who in turn will then play other games with us as well. Most of the games we play are MMO/Survival. In these games our gameplay usually being focused on PvE, trading and alliances. We're looking for; Anyone who wants to contribute to a friendly environment. Anyone who wants to make Silk Road their home. Anyone who isn't afraid of organization and is open for friendly discussion. People that enjoy playing with us and want to stick around through multiple games. That said we don’t obligate anyone to perform a certain role or task in game, Just have fun.
Gaming | Entertainment
The Lost Island Xbox and steam crossplay Atlas Server 16 Grids (14 PVE-2 PVP) ALL resources available. Ability to complete ALL quests Weekly giveaways in discord Regular tame, ship, building, and random creative Admin events. Amazing community with Admin support constantly available!