Meme | Gaming
We love Garfield, Garfield Kart and memes. The rules are incredibly lax and no matter how ironically you participate, we're just glad that you're here. In fact, most people in the server dont' actually care about Garfield whatsoever, but slowly start caring about it because of our server!
Community | Music
this is drain only<333
Business | Support
================ Serwer Wsparcia DynoShop ================ Najlepszy serwer Wsparcia pomagamy odebrać produkty oraz oddajemy rzeczy! ================
Community | Emoji
We just some stupid ducks that want a bigger server lmao
Social | Community
We are a tropical paradise server with the main goal of everyone enjoying their time talking to our other amazing members! We have a selection of roles to choose from so you can make yourself unique!
Community | Gaming
Looking for new members to have a decently fun sized community discord server!