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👋 Bem-vindo 👋 @Discord [email protected] Servidor Português 🇵🇹 🌇 O BrotherHood Roleplay é um servidor Português de roleplay. O conceito do servidor é simples & complexo ao mesmo tempo. O mapa está divido em 2 partes: Portugal & Espanha. 📋 Lê as regras e esperemos que te divirtas Com os melhores cumprimentos, Staff BrotherHood Roleplay
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Survival Game Hosting Community. We pan on hosting servers for various survival games friendly to the players.
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This is a furry server dedicated to canines (that also includes foxes too). However, we accept all species of furries. We're also pretty chill and have channel categories based on different levels of comfortable topics, including NSFW for any of the dirty ones out there.
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Welcome citizens to the brotherhood of steel. Our intentions are for the preservation of technology to prevent technology going too far and causing another destruction of earth. Do you have what it takes to be in our ranks? Join our causes today! -Maxson
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The master here. I am a star among stars, I am looking for loyal followers and worthy allies to help me win my battle against the celebrities of this world.