Si vis pacem para bellum ist ein lateinisches Sprichwort. Wörtlich übersetzt lautet es: „Wenn du (den) Frieden willst, bereite (den) Krieg vor.“
🎮Gaming Nest🎮 We are looking for serious & mature players! (18+ Not a must, but recommended) 🔥 Call Of Duty: MW 🔥 Borderlands 3 🔥 The Division 2 - over 100 active and experienced players 🔥 CS GO Faceit/MM 🔥 PUBG PC Come and join us! and and ask for the game role 🙂
Meet new partners or people to play with in this server. We are currently growing and trying to get new members. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- We are currently looking for staff members and/or moderators!
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The international unofficial Call of Duty: Warzone Discord. Find team members to play with!
Welcome to the COD Discord server where you can meet new people to have a nice time with or just find people to join your Squad and dominate the battlefield today!
The better Warzone Germany Discord. The more populated server is owned by a money-greedy unexperienced admin. Therefore, the community created this community-driven server. Join, and make your own impression
Der deutsche offizielle Call of Duty: Warzone Discord! - Über 4.000 Mitglieder - Hilfe und Support rund um CoD - Geregelte Kanäle - 24/7 Support - Spielersuche Kanäle
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Communauté Multigaming Francophone sur Fortnite, League of legends (LOL), TFT, Valorant, Apex Legends, Call of duty : Modern Warfare et Warzone (COD), Minecraft, Animal crossing, Counter stricke (CS:GO), Rocket League, GTA
**Modern-Warfare Germany** ✔️ - Discord-Server nur für Call of Duty Modern-Warfare ✔️ - 650+ aktive Member ✔️ - PC | PS4 | XBOX ✔️ - selbst Verifizierung + Rollenvergabe ! ✔️ - Hilfsbereite Community ✔️ - Anfängerfreundlich ✔️ - Spieler für jeden Spielmodus ✔️ - Aktiv ✔️ - Moderner Discord ✔️ Warzone, mw, modern warfare, deutsch, deutsche, deutschland, germany, call of duty, cod, discord, server, wz, modern, warfare, german, community, warsone, pc, ps4, xbox, playstation, 4
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