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Si vis pacem para bellum ist ein lateinisches Sprichwort. Wörtlich übersetzt lautet es: „Wenn du (den) Frieden willst, bereite (den) Krieg vor.“
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Heya! I am currently running a small community of over 100 members for anyone looking to make friends and hang out with a smaller community which will see you every day! We host events, streams and giveaways! We're an Anime/Gaming server, so why aren't you here yet if that seems fitting for you! There will not only be anime and gaming talk for anyone which is interested in just chatting or having a great time. We have a few skilled gamers which will be certainly willing to play with anyone which asks to sub in for a few games. We have +100 custom emotes, a custom bot with a gambling system set up by my friend Kwoth (the creator of Nadeko) and lots of people to meet!
Welcome to the csgo server. this server is for playing and meeting people. we might choose some players to be the moderators of the server(don't ask for a role) avoid talking bad words to people or else you will get banned from the server
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שרת דיסקורד לקהילה הישראלית הכללית של CS:GO