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We are a community of racers, which race the GPL-Mod in Assetto Corsa. We offer, races, events and championship seasons. To fit the community needs we have a website, a Facebook-Site, a Discord Server, a Forum and of course an Assetto Corsa Server (24/7) with the GPL-Mod installed. More information can be found on our website: Or via our Discord channel: Feel free to join! P.S.: We race on different tracks every weekend.
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Gaming | eSports
Resto Shaman/Warrior hub for RFC WF runs.
Gaming | Music
Chill, Gaming community, basic, classic.
Entertainment | Community
A chill movie club where we talk about and watch movies. We vote on movie night showings and discuss reviews, etc. and trade torrents.
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Community | Mature
We're basically a very friendly community server that touches on all sorts of groups.
Community | Gaming
This server was created simply because the official server took down the voice channels. This alternative server is where you can hangout with other players while grinding in the game. Feel free to invite your friends/guildies into the server.
Gaming | eSports
<Vengeancé> is an Alliance wPvP focused guild on Shazzrah EU (WoW Classic)
Gaming | Anime
This discord was created to serve as a safe environment/chill out for female gamers, predominantly for World of Warcraft Classic/Retail, but all other gamers are also welcome. Some males are welcome, must undergo further initiation processes
Gaming | Hobbies
Discord community for the Classic World of Warcraft server, Biggleswoth-NA.
Anime | Music
This server was created to market on the classical and anime fan base because it's a huge market, people want their classical and anime . You will be able to share you favorite shows or songs with anyone, and speak with anyone that share similar interest as you, with of course have a meme section and a few gaming channels for all you mad lads.
Gaming | Technology
Welcome to the Mod My Classic Discord server! The purpose of this server is for people to discuss anything related to classic/mini console systems like the NES & SNES Classic, PlayStation Classic, Sega Mega Drive/Genesis Classic, The C64 mini, & more. as well as modding tools like Hakchi2 CE, BleemSync, & Project Lunar. Our Discord community has over 15,000 Members! And we're not just on Discord, we have Reddit communities and a website as well. So what are you waiting for? Come join in the fun!
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Welcome to Shenmue United! We are a large community of fans passionate about the cult classic game series 'shenmue', which originally released on the Sega Dreamcast in 1999. We are looking to grow and expand the horizons of this server and hope to see more passionate Shenmue fans join soon. Come join us!~
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Diablo II Fan Community is an open community with a passion for Diablo 2. Come hang out with like-minded people, form new friendships, show off your character, educate others and maybe there are new things for you to learn as well! We have dedicated region channels, custom emotes, resources to help your gameplay, minigames such as pokecord, coinmaster, owo and more to come!
Gaming | Social
WoW server dedicated to bringing players together. We actively do M+ and will start raiding once we have enough active members.
A fairly small but active and friendly Discord community for the Jak and Daxter series!
Community | Gaming
Gaming Discord, Für alle! Wir suchen Aktive Mitglieder und auch Teammitglieder. Wir sind 24/7 für dich da! +Economy System +Nette und Kompetente Teammitglieder +Wöchentliche Gewinnspiele +Zock events +Uvm... Join jetzt und lass dich überraschen
Community | Social
Retro, Nostalgia, Classical whatever you call it you'll find your retro paradise here
Gaming | Anime
Mina-san konnichiwa, <Anime Mafia> H|NA|Herod here looking for new bakas in their ranks, it doesn't matter if you’re old or a new, we don't have many rules as long as you're able to endure a few funposters! Make sure to read the pin when you join in desu~
Anime | Hobbies
Fast cars, Guns, Anime. What isnt there to like?
Gaming | Streaming
Programmer by day, gamer by night. I'm a streamer who just got going! Getting ready for wow classic to launch - Feel free to join!