Torneios diários de jogos em gerais :D
A EGT é uma organização que promove campeonatos online de League of Legends e Critical Ops ,com o apoio da Riot Games e da Critical Force. O foco de nosso discord é o suporte para os campeonatos organizados pela Elite Gaming Team, venha participar!
Welcome to the official Discord server of Untamed Spirits [UnS]! This is a public gaming oriented Discord server! Looking to create a nice positive community.
Welcome to Knives of Glory Tournament official discord server, Created May 15, 2019, by: @Pikachu the Dev What is KoGT? The Knives of Glory first person shooting game, knife only tournament is a FPS knife only one round elimination round tournament. Teams and/or clan will compete in a one round knife only team-deathmatch in a verity of first person shooting games . This tournament will also be live streamed on our steamer's YouTube channel. KoGT is hosted by KoGT Directors that offers a competitive scene and try to collaboration with game developers and having a better prizes for our competitors. Subscribe, follow and join our social media! Website - Discord -
We are a Critical Ops team located in Europe.
This server is for gaming, dating
Zephyr eSports is a Critical Ops Clan which is aspiring to become the elite of the elite in the European competitive scene. #ZephyrUprising
French Critical Ops Team