Salut! Bienvenue à la Communauté francophone en cybersécurité!! Nous sommes une nouvelle communauté de personnes voulant aider à débuter, apprendre, partager ou améliorer vos skills en cybersécurité, programmation, hardware, reverse-eng (etc ...). Trouvez un groupe pour faire des CTF, des personnes pour vous apprendre à coder et bien d'autres.
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This is an official Discord Server for The YouTube Channel PwnDev. We Discus about Different CTFs Linux Administration, Web Development on Different Programming Language and Trying to Build a community to help each other.
Technology | Education
Group of white hats and grey hats, no black hats!
Technology | Programming
Welcome to CypherNet, a place to share resources and partake in discussions about a variety of information technology and security related topics! Be sure to check out our pinned resources: From beginner python courses to operating system security guides, from cryptography, to networking, and even capture the flag competitions, we have a lot to share! If you have any tech questions, we have numerous discussion channels available too. Hop on in, and between the resource trove, chill vibes, and awesome community, you won't want to leave!
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This is a public server based around Linux users and other hackers. We offer support, training and a community for everyone interested. No restriction to entry but make sure to read the #rules when you connect.
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Official Forum:
Programming | Technology
Everything about ctf, os, pentesting, cybernetic security and much more
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Fan community of Pilots that love to play Titanfall and Apex all day every day. We are a warn welcome community looking for pilots to join our clan
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Hackers Arcade is a community of cyber security enthusiasts/professionals that'll help you level up your game in ethical hacking & development and keep motivated through out your journey. Happy Hacking !!