Community | Programming
Hello there! we are a community focussed around programming the perfect place to come together with people or get support with coding
Technology | Programming
FurDevs is a Programming Discord Server for Developer and Furries who are Interested in programming whether you never wrote a line of code or probably is really experienced.
Programming | Entertainment
A server for indie gaming
Programming | Technology
roblox game developing group
Programming | Gaming
We Create Games , Play Games , Share Ideas! Roblox Studio Building , Scripting , Modeling Tutorials!
Anime | Gaming
Hello there, "Tower Of God: A King Ascension" is a Roblox game based on a popular manhwa called "Tower Of God" written by a man called "Slave In Utero", The project lead is "Kurayami" We hope that our community will grow big and good, we started making a game around a month ago as far we finished 2 floors and 3rd floor is being worked on, game doesn't plan to make all 135 floors but we will make at least 30floors, with a variation of weapons on every floor, the player will be able to choose over several classes, such as Swordsman, Spearman, Lighthouse etc..
Bot | Programming
A home for all the bots made by Xarvex#0826. Enjoy your visit, and stay tuned for testing phases you can participate in!
Community | Gaming
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Gaming | Programming
A Gaming & Technically Family Discord Server & Bot Developers Fivem Developer Team Top Overwatch Players ( IR )
Community | Gaming
Crytonix Community Hangout is a discord server that hosts a community that plays Roblox, Sploder, io, and other platforms.
Gaming | eSports
This is a ROBLOX based server owned by: INfoUpgraders#2151. We have a custom bot also made by him. Our main focus is ROBLOX games such as: Jailbreak, Lumber Tycoon 2, etc. We also have game suggestions! But we also offer developers and such to join and showcase their game! So why not join today?
Technology | Gaming
Alunite Community is a fun, friendly and laid back server with minimal rules for your and your friends to have fun and chat.
Gaming | Social
Design | Programming
DoorHallGames Discord server! In here there will be devloping competitions with team hall vs team door! each team will need to design / develop something within a time limit! Please Join And Enjoy Our Server!
Programming | Technology
CodingSquad is the Community for many different technical themes.
Programming | Technology
We sell Minecraft and Discord bots. Low prices, fast response times.
Community | Technology
Legoblox Devs is a roblox developer community server, here you can show off your work, find work, chill and chat with others. If you're a roblox developer or interested in hiring or learning then you should definitely swing by!
Community | Gaming
DevCrypt > Developing and gaming community
Community | Support
Roblox Developers is a Roblox Studio community server where you can show off your builds, models, scripts, animations, and more. You can also sell your assets for Robux or any other currency. In addition, you can post hirings for developers and get work developing. We welcome anyone interested in Roblox developing to join and be apart of our growing community.
A peacful community to chill with new people and do Awsome things!
Gaming | Social
We Play & hangout with each other. Ther you can find the latest updates of my discord bot and join to my discord bot's support server to support me, because the bot is under development right now, but it can send memes and they are pretty funny!
Art | Hobbies
Analogue, film photography talk. Anything related to film photography, included but not limited to photographing, developing and the darkroom
Bot | Gaming
Gaming Developing Chatting
Programming | Technology
Its a server were you can get advice on mods for games or download or develop mods or if you want you can just chat in our Community
Programming | Art
TheFriendlySealStudio is a server for developing a free video game about a magical creature exploring the world
Community | Gaming
Unturned Roleplay & Survival Our Unturned RP server has a custom map, cool workshops and plugins to improve the user experience! We provide active staff, a well setupped Uconomy and a user friendly environment!
Gaming | Anime
# who we are we are a friendly community with reliable and kind moderators to everyon # what we offer ┏━━━━━°⌜🎉 °━━━━━┓ [ Active, friendly, chill chats! ] [ Funny and enjoyable events! ] [ Anime, memes, & fun bots! ] [ A lot of events and giveaway! ] [ A dedicated channel for everything(u can post your arts too)!] [ Join Party's WRLD Today! ] ┗━━━━━°⌜🎉⌟°━━━━━┛
Gaming | Entertainment
We are a LAPD roleplay server based on roblox and are looking for active members to join. We are also currently developing our own roblox game and are looking for highly skilled developers and scripters.
Gaming | Entertainment
We are a LAPD roleplay server based on roblox and are looking for active members to join. We are also currently developing our own roblox game and are looking for highly skilled developers and scripters.
Community | Gaming
Community italiana incentrata su Gaming e Developing... un mix perfetto. Siamo attivi principalmente su Discord e Instagram e cerchiamo di crescere di numero! Ti aspettiamo su Anwen!
Programming | Community
Are you a developer and stuck in programming? Do you want learn new languages? Then don't wait for too long, join the server now!
Community | Gaming