Programming | Business
A good community for beginner programmers, join us :)
Anime | Gaming
A community of Gamers and Anime Fans.
Programming | Entertainment
A server for indie gaming
Programming | Technology
roblox game developing group
Programming | Gaming
We Create Games , Play Games , Share Ideas! Roblox Studio Building , Scripting , Modeling Tutorials!
Community | Gaming
Crytonix Community Hangout is a discord server that hosts a community that plays Roblox, Sploder, io, and other platforms.
Gaming | eSports
This is a ROBLOX based server owned by: INfoUpgraders#2151. We have a custom bot also made by him. Our main focus is ROBLOX games such as: Jailbreak, Lumber Tycoon 2, etc. We also have game suggestions! But we also offer developers and such to join and showcase their game! So why not join today?
Art | Hobbies
Analogue, film photography talk. Anything related to film photography, included but not limited to photographing, developing and the darkroom
Technology | Gaming
Find the perfect discord bot for your server on Crystal Bot List, or list your bot for others to find.
Technology | Gaming
Alunite Community is a fun, friendly and laid back server with minimal rules for your and your friends to have fun and chat.
Gaming | Social
Technology | Programming
The community is mainly for competitive programmers or people who want to become competitive programmers.
Programming | Art
TheFriendlySealStudio is a server for developing a free video game about a magical creature exploring the world
Community | Technology
An Discord Server for the most powerful .PAK file explorer fully dedicated to Fortnite.
Community | Programming
This is the developer server for all, A server to either make friends or get help. Talk to people about games, coding and more. What are you waiting for, Join Now!
Design | Programming
DoorHallGames Discord server! In here there will be devloping competitions with team hall vs team door! each team will need to design / develop something within a time limit! Please Join And Enjoy Our Server!
Programming | Gaming
🤖 Developer Cube 🤖 Come join us and experience the server with the rest of the members and staff to communicate and talk about everyday things Interested in learning how to develop? You have came to the right place. We offer free services for anyone and teach them how to develop bots in short and simple steps. Join us and try it out. What we have to offer? 💎Free services for members to learn how to develop discord bots and etc. 💠Partnerships available to anyone if interested 💎Gaming channels where all Gamers can come together to play different games with other members. 💠Social media including YouTube for tutorials for the rest of the community to watch and experience. 💎Website where people can learn more about us and what we can provide for members. 💠 Paid services including bot developing and banner designs made with a reasonable price 💎Voice channels for members to communicate in a better and faster way 💠Chance to become staff to help and moderate the server.
Gaming | Design
This server is a developing based community for any developers who are interested in making games. Right now were working on a "vibe" type game and maybe some showcases.
Programming | Technology
CodingSquad is the Community for many different technical themes.
Bot | Programming
• Discord Bot List - You can your bot to this server by running `%addbot <Bot ID/Bot's Client id>` - But make sure your bot donot do DMs / Random Mentions user / Random Mention Roles - We also help For anytype codding
Programming | Technology
We sell Minecraft and Discord bots. Low prices, fast response times.
Design | Programming
A friendly dev community! Previously owned a powerful ROBLOX script called "Serenity!" Now owns a streaming website "Kasacast!" We hope you will have a great time here! (●'◡'●)
Community | Technology
Legoblox Devs is a roblox developer community server, here you can show off your work, find work, chill and chat with others. If you're a roblox developer or interested in hiring or learning then you should definitely swing by!