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Tertia Optio is a neurodivergent server for anyone with a disorder or disability, it's new and sorta under construction so if ya have suggestions I'll take note. The aim is to be edgy since the admin (me) am pretty edgy.
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》 Firefly Den 16+《 Welcome to Firefly Den 16+, a discord server focused around mental health and support for people aged 16-years and older. We offer a close, friendly community with a cultivated support team to help meet your needs. Here's what we offer: ➺Support Channels (General, Trigger Warning, and No-censor-required) ➺Anonymous Confessions ➺Volunteer Supporters ➺LGBTQ+ inclusion ➺Self-assignable roles ➺Age Regression Channel ➺Plurality/System owned and friendly! ➺Music channels
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Welcome to Spectrum! Spectrum is a discord dedicated to the ADHD and Autism community to bring the communities together to talk!