Support | Gaming
Guardians MH is a 501c3 nonprofit mental health org supporting the gaming community. Our community discord server is a safe and inclusive atmosphere with peer support channels, access to resources, and more
Community | Growth
Journey is a community-based server devoted to self-improvement. Want to be more productive? Want to learn how to get up earlier? Want to lose weight? Come and get inspired. Our custom bot will help you with that and remind you of your custom goals.
Beliefs | LGBT
lgbt support
Beliefs | Science
Welcome to soul-exchange! A cozy little space to share and care. Learn and teach. Focusing on a healthy, positive discourse on practical forms of spirituality and awareness.
Community | Gaming
This server is a safe place for anyone that has autism/aspergers or even anyone who either don't have autism or are not sure whether if the have autism or not, where all of us as one can chat and have fun!