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Hier treffen sich Leute, die Gaming begeistert sind und noch mitspieler brauchen- Viel Spaß #Gaming #Fortnite #Spaß
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● BR Scrims ● Servidor: » O melhor servidor de scrims da America do Sul está de volta e vem inovando. Entre já, registre-se e participe desta BETA e comece já a jogar sua scrim personalizada. ● Contém: » ARENA SOLO » ARENA DUO » ARENA TRIO » BOT LOJA » BOT ESTATISTICAS » CHAT PARA PROCURAR UM TIME » EVENTOS » SORTEIOS
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Valorant West Competitive Discord
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this server is small but active Everybody knows each other and we are very friendly to new people. Voice chats are always occupied so if you want somewhere to find people who play League of Legends, Among Us & DND this is the right place! Community Activities: -Custom Games -Drawing Join if you are looking for people to play normal games or duo queue. -Supported servers are mostly EUW -Self-assignable Ranks, Roles and Server roles. -Post your best plays -Ask for advice on champions/roles/items