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Music | Hobbies
✧。For Stan ✧。is a server to discover new kpop groups and help each other to stan them. It is for multifandom fans, there are many bands like
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Gaming | Community
The Ki discord is home to Revelation, Elyon and SOLO guides. We are new player friendly.
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Gaming | Sports
Discord pour tournois et LAN multigaming.
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Gaming | Community
Brand new rust servers host! We are looking forward to build an outstanding community and grow with our members! Join the discord and invite your friends for the chance of winning some giveaways!
Gaming | Community
----- WELCOME TO FLUBBER AND SOLO'S WORLD ----- - This server is a joint server for Flubber and Solo. - We both have YouTube channels and we usually post gaming related content. - We are looking for more people to make this server as active as possible and we are hoping to create quite a large community. -On this server there are so many things for you to do. -You can share your artwork, listen to music, and interact with the bots! -The bots that we have are DISBOARD, Discord.Me, Dank Memer, MEE6, Rythm, Partner Bot, ZeroTwo and many more! - You can help our server by typing '!d bump' in the ':anger:┋bump' channel. - If our server gets active and a certain amount of people join, we may start hosting games such as skribbl.io and kahoot. Also we may host other events. - Also, on this server we allow you to share all of your favourite memes, photos and videos. You MUST post them in the correct category which is 'MEDIA'.