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╭ ✭˚・゚✧・゚✭˚・゚✧・゚✭˚・゚✧・゚✭˚・゚✧・゚╮      .· ´Welcome to curiousity Server,     we are all rather mad here...         but then     all the best people are ☆´¨) ¸.·¨)     (¸.·´ (¸.·’* (¸.·’* (¸.·’* (¸.·’* ¨)   Curiosity is owned and run by Alice    & her very helpful moderators.     It is a multi lingual server      we accept everyone       for who they are,    regardless of their backgrounds.    (Now despite that most, people     still prefer to speak English,       it is not compulsory)      The server itself is    Alice im wunderland themed   and is always striving to improve.     ╰✭˚・゚✧・゚✭˚・゚✧・゚✭˚・゚✧・゚✭˚・゚✧・゚╯
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Hello this is a German and English Community!
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We are a growing Valorant community. We wanna make tournaments and more. We have our own bot wich has much features. It can show you all Valorant skins. maps, agents and more It would be nice if you join our server
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╔═══Deep═Jungle════════════════════════════════════ ║◾️Deutscher Discord. ║◾️Viele Möglichkeiten. ║◾️Für jeden da. ║◾️Flirt und mehr. ║◾️Du suchst schon lange einen Discord wo du so Richtig aufblühen kannst? ║ bei uns hast du die Chance. Du kannst dich bei uns Hocharbeiten wie ║ nichts gutes!. Wir suchen DICH, warum? weil du bestimmt das zeug hast ║ wie ein Moderator, Supporter oder anderes zu sein.