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A community centered around the basketball team Houston Rockets of the NBA.
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(Roles are self-assignable. Check the roles channel.) Hi, this is Canes and this might sound weird! But this is an all-in-one server for all of my little online projects because making multiple ones to have the same people over felt pointless. You should find no problem figuring the channels out, though! If you aren't coming from my Twitch (canesvn) already, then I am leaving this here in case you wanna check the Haikyuu!! Cup Fantasy League out. We are a small group of players looking for new people to join the future seasons of our fantasy league involving Haikyuu!! characters! Manage a volleyball team, compete with other managers! No particular interest in Haikyuu, volleyball knowledge or fantasy league experience necessary. We have detailed matches, FULLY written reports (no point goes unnoticed), performance compendiums and Twitch streams where you can assume the role of coach! ATTENTION THAT THIS IS *NOT* A ROLEPLAY SERVER.