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Welcome! We're a brand new ffxiv discord! We accept new players and veterans alike! We hope here you can find other players to play with or just stay to chat (or lurk). Hopefully this server can be a comfortable place for you to talk, meme around and LFG!
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Silver Valkyrie is an FFXIV roleplay community based on the Light datacenter. We welcome new and experienced roleplayers alike
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The MASH discord is the home of Mash Those Buttons' podcasts and their communities.
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FFXIV Over 30s is the server for Final Fantasy XIV players aged 30 years or over, we cater for all player types, whether you're casual or hardcore, live your life in Eorzea or find yourself juggling a job and/or kids whilst fulfilling your duties as the Warrior of Light/Warrior of Darkness.
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The Novice Network from Final Fantasy XIV - Now Portable! Everything Final Fantasy XIV related; Content assistance, Information, resources, banter, community feeling and of course a lot of questions, with a lot of answers!
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Servidor para socializar, conversar sobre anime e diversos chats de jogos
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Official Discord server for the Melonmancy Podcast! Check out our website at
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An MMORPG focused community for fans of the MMOByte YouTube channel or just MMORPG gamers in general. Come find some friends to play your favourite MMORPGs, chat, hang out or just lurk :)
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Welcome to Final Fantasy XIV Housing! A server dedicated for housing enthusiasts. If you want to buy, sell or decorate your house, or anything that is house related, this is the place for you!