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MYTHOSCRAFT is a community based around a Minecraft modpack that is themed around adventure,RPG,fantasy play style with a growing multiplayer server and ever expanding world. features include -The modpack is free to download and is really small -a 1.12.2 server that is up and open to join 24/7. -an active admin group -constantly getting updates -hard survival with a strong high risk high reward mindset -real seasons, -different food impacts, -Teleportation through sign posts (like in the Witcher) and magic, -a ton of new biomes -buildable airships/normal vessals -tameable dragons -tons of quests to follow -skills and so much more join our discord for where you can get the modpack and to chat with us
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This is a server for all the BetterMinecraft Mods. You can report bugs and problems or share your new Ideas for our mods here. Go check our Wiki out at