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Active, helpful and scam proof wager cord, join today to get in on all the action at Calamity Wagers!
Gaming | Community
The place to discover the best Fortnite creative islands or share your own creations.
Gaming | YouTuber
Creator of Fortnite Creative's Sniper One Shot, This Discord made by Dux is for people to chat, play and give feedback about Dux's creative maps and Fortnite in general. Make sure to Use code Dux in the item shop!
Gaming | eSports
A great discord for those people who wish to play 1v1's, Zone Wars, Turtle Wars, Customs etc.
Gaming | Community
We are a friendly, active, and chill gaming community. We are addicted to gaming. The server is mostly dedicated to Fortnite, however you are welcome whether you play fortnite or a different game! Mixture of active girls and boys, and people in many age ranges and backgrounds so you’ll never feel alone or out of place!
Gaming | Entertainment
Welcome to Fries Customs & More! This a fun community of Fortnite gamers ➽ What do we have? - Fortnite Custom Matchmaking - Custom Matchmaking Scrims - An LFG for finding new players to play with - Voice chats for duo/squads/creative - Community Zone Wars, Box Fights, FFA, etc. - A leaderboard and exclusive roles for our tournament winners
Gaming | Social
Welcome to the hazard royale server! This server is all about hazard royale, a fortnite creative map that you can play with your friend anytime! It has weekly updates and on the server you have most things the fortnite lobby has.