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Fortnite Zonewars Turtlewars Chill
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A frindly and Welcoming community! You like to play Fortnite? Than this is the right place for you! This is a Fortnite Community server!
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Team Desire Official Discord. >Wagers >Custom Matchmaking >And More
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Fainted Pro League is a discord involved with Events Consisting of Games Like Fortnite, Rocket League, Warzone, CSGO etc.! The better you are, the higher rank, And the competition is always expanding!
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Welcome to Ranked Zonewars, a server where you can show your dominance in zonewars! Play in weekly seasons to grind the leaderboards to earn rewards like skins, discord nitro, or even the battle pass. This server is EXTREMELY active, we host at 3pm, 6pm, and 9pm EST DAILY! What are you waiting for? Join the server, grind the leaderboard, and win rewards!
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hey feel freee to join this fortnite box fights zone wars discord server and help us grow
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Fortnite Music The ability to level up and get the NETHERITE ROLE! (No one has gotten it yet)
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Welcome to Plalism Wagers, Over here on our server, you can wager people and play many other creative games in our community. Why is our server good? We have a good community The server is fairly new We take scamming very seriously Very soon we are going to add cheap roles Our server is legit and you won't get scammed here often
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DexClique Official Discord
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This is a server for fortnite where we will be hosting NAE customs, like ZWs, Boxfights, and more! :) We made this server to host and get closer to our community. We will sooner or later have Zws, Boxfights, or Scrims for shoutouts and money. Join this server to participate in these customs. Share this out to your friends, family, etc or you can just join this server to promote anything you would like, your social medias, youtube, twitch, twitter, facebook, instagram, etc. ,
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Welcome To FRX | 50 Man ZoneWars FRX is a fortnite based discord server made to provide the best practice for the fortnite community. FRX host one-of-a-kind insanely stacked 50 Player ZoneWars.
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West Scrims Hub is a great community, for everyone to vibe in. and to play 50 man zonewars and scrims. We are always constantly looking for new staff. and we do 5 discord nitro giveaways a month!