Gaming | Hobbies
Wciąż szukasz ludzi do gry? A może poprostu chcesz pogadać? Dobrze trafiłeś/aś. U nas znajdziesz wszystko czego ci potrzeba. ;)
Gaming | Technology
SCUM FULL LOOT Scum Server 50 player slots / 50 jogadores online No lag server / Servidor sem lag PVP and PVE Gameplay (mad zombies) Cheaters Free Server
Gaming | Programming
A fun server dedicated to making software.
Esse e um server da comunidade de Minecraft mas é BR acabamos de criar então esperam que curtam ele tem chat de interação como server e seus ips... atualizações do mine e muito mais! Venha se divertir
Gaming | YouTuber
Hello everyone.. Welcome to Our server
Gaming | Meme
This is a new Tf2 discord as you can tell. Here you can find new people to play tf2 or trade. Meet new people to chat, play videogames, and much more. We are a pretty small chill community and looking forward to meeting new people. (This server is in development and we can appreciate some help on building up the server) Banner made by -poune
Gaming | Community
Yukraft is a community-based Minecraft server! Come join our wonderful community of dedicated players!
eSports | Gaming
ENG/RU CS:GO React your rank! WELCOME
Gaming | Community
TropaSuprema Esports Club
A gamming sever for mutiple games inculding r6 watch dogs2 humam fall flat mc and more if request i might add another game to the list
Gaming | Technology
Ελάτε να δημιουργήσουμε μια μεγάλη παρέα!!
Community | Gaming
this server is for people that want to hang out and game also no snowflakes allowed if you cant handle explicit chat this is not he server of you
Gaming | Community
A server full of active members, and not just a community, a family of people who are willing to help, and meet others.
YouTuber | Gaming
Server del youtuber-Streammer Filantropo Cristian Dv7
Bot | Gaming
Lots of game-bots, come and have fun!
Meme | Gaming
If you like Star Wars you should join this server. Here there are plenty of ways to have fun and to express your love for Star Wars.
YouTuber | Gaming
Hi im Wavy, This is my server for my fans and community to share games talk and have fun!
Community | Anime
hihi server owner here c: come visit my server! we have lots of people from all over the world, its very friendly here and all is welcome! verification is required (16+) if about (18+) id will be asked to be shown :) ill cya there!!! -chunchunn <3
Community | Entertainment
Servidor de conversa , feito para jogadores que querem poder discutir os seus jogos favoritos e tópicos relacionados com outros entusiastas do jogo, feito também para aqueles que só querem relaxar conversando com alguém sobre algum assunto aleatório, um grupo para todos :D
Community | Gaming
This is a small community and gamming discord, for people all around the globe to come together and have some fun. We have a lot of awesome bots, and unlockable ranks that you can come in and earn today for yourself!
Community | Gaming
Donut Land Community Discord for donut fans - Photo zone - Gaming zone - Community zone - Giveaways - Memes and much more..... Join and checkout!
Gaming | eSports
We are just a small r6s clan that has the goal of playing in ESL. If we can't do that we just sit back an enjoy our time with each other is some nice an relacing games of siege.
Community | Gaming
Todo o tipo de jogos e mais alguns com servidores próprios e únicos.
Anime | Community
A friendly community for all, perfect for : ⋆Meeting new friends ⋆Playing games with new partner ⋆Watching shows or movie together ⋆Sharing news, memes, image boards, music, or any other interest . Come have a seat and talk with us !
Sports | YouTuber
NBA is global and so we are the fans. Fifteen Hoops is a place for people arround the world with two things in common, RESPECT for each other and LOVE for the Game.
Community | Hobbies
A server used for Gamming, Art, And other stuff too! You are also able to put invite links in One of the channels! :D
Gaming | Social
hi! this is my server for anyone and everyone, it will be mostly chill but it may get chaotic sometimes:), but feel free to join and invite your friends! love you all!!