Language | Social
Irish Language server. Have fun 'as Gaeilge' and connect with other people learning Irish. Bain sult as an bhfreastalaí seo. There is a space for English if you have questions.
Community | Gaming
just do what ever the fuck you want, no one gives a shit anyway.
Role-Playing | Entertainment
This server is officially dead, as well as the original owner's account has been hacked. Do not join this server.
Community | Social
We are looking for friends who we can connect with in our small 80's themed server. Most of us are in our 20's from all over the world. Give us a chance! ♥
Gaming | Community
Hi, we're and Irish Discord community mostly from Ireland. We have a great community with active text and voice chats, and an anarchy MC server. A lot of us play games like MC or CSGO but it's fine if you're just here to be a part of the community.
Education | Social
A STUDY HUB FOR ALL LEAVING CERT STUDENTS! A place for homework help and study. For all irish leavingcert students! cmon, join in, whats the worst that could happen?
This server is intended to bring people in Ireland or with a connection to Ireland, together to hang out and discuss reading and books! Not your average book club, no assigned reading!