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Yoshit's Pleasure Paradise Casino and Hotel is an interactive casino server featuring Blackjack, Poker, Roulette, and other games, plus a general chat bar (with an interactive bartender, menu pinned), an interactive restaurant, usable gift shop items, and more! Come and get lucky!
This Discord server is meant for Item enthusiasts of all Smash titles in the Super Smash Bros series, including some of their mods. Items are generally considered to be part of the casual side of Smash. This is true. However, since specific Items can be turn on or off, they offer a lot of variety and space for new Item-based tricks, skills, combo's etc. to the game We've got this server to look for other Item players to have fun playing with Items on. You can either play with Items purely for casual purposes, or specialize in Items and try to compete with other players to have some exciting Item matches going on, usually while turning on only a fair amount of Items. If you want to specialize in Items, you can train here with other players willing to do the same We do this mainly for fun. We also host Item tourneys to utilize Item tricks in competition. You can talk discuss about items too in this server. If you want Item advice, you are on the right place
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Earn free Rocket League Items from RL.Supply
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A discord server for an upcoming Rocket League Site called RL.Supply. -Watch -Play -Earn Then withdraw your coins!
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We are a trading discord server for fortnite save the world. 7 members. Tons of loot. Tons of materials.
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We are a new marketplace for a variety of Fortnite and GTA items and by joining our server you can help us become the biggest trusted seller for these games! We guarantee 100% you will not get banned or have any action taken against your account for any transactions you will make on this server.