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#1 Most Loved Community 💜 Socially Active 💬 🌺 Space & Anime ⭐ 500 Emotes ⭐ Economy ⭐ Clubs ⭐ Make New Friends ⭐ Giveaways ⭐ Heaps More...!
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DisGalaxy • 仙女座 Discord Server Banner
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Community | Anime | Social
#1 Most Loved Community 💜 Socially Active 💬 🌺 Space & Anime ⭐ 500 Emotes ⭐ Economy ⭐ Clubs ⭐ Make New Friends ⭐ Giveaways ⭐ Heaps More...!
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Community | Gaming
For people who feel unwanted, sad, misunderstood, and scared. I am hoping to grow this community so that we may help each other get over our personal obstacles. If you want to rant/vent, listen to uplifting music, look at some memes, socialize with others, and make friends then this is a place for you! Judgement free zone so everyone and anyone is welcome! See you there. ^^
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Music | Community
A place to share and listen to music! meet other people with similar music taste, share some tunes, and jam out! Our server is all about music, come take a look.
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Music | Entertainment
A music server for casual discussion of music and listening with friends!
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Music | Social
The Vinyl Lounge is a brand new server for like minded enthusiasts and audiophiles focused on sharing music and vinyl records.
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Community | Music
Welcoming community s new discord server What we offer: ⛓️ no toxicity ⛓️ kind players ⛓️ share your social media in #self-promo ⛓️Respectful community Have a great day Hope to see you there
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Music | Social
This server is not where you share your own music. It's exclusively a server for sharing music or music related content you like. The focus is on the unknown music that is created, but also popular music is welcome. We have just started, so sign up now and help create the direction this server will fold out.
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Music | YouTuber
"Johnytiger, unique grunge beat architect from Miami, FL. Although well known for dominating mainstages and touring worldwide with the band “I SET MY FRIENDS ON FIRE”, his reputation stems from his unique solo project. Johnytiger’s sound is most easily illustrated as a crossbreed of Nirvana and Nine Inch Nails, creating a new synthetic wave of frequencies you can take a dip into."
Gaming | Movies
In this server you can play games, chat with other members. The server offers you a large variety of bots and for any problem please let us know.
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Music | Just Chatting
Discord GGlobestaneurs 🌐 Tu stan des Girls Groups ? 💗 Vient voyager dans un monde dédié à plusieurs fanbases 100% GG. Le serveur te donne l’occasion de rejoindre des salons destinés à Aespa, Twice, LE SSERAFIM, IVE, (G)-idle et pleins d’autres !! On ne te gâche pas la surprise vient les découvrir par toi même. 🤗 Pas besoin d’aller bien loin pour participer à toutes sortes d'activités. Nous te donnons l'occasion de venir discuter, jouer, parler Kdrama, échanger en tant que Multistan, débattre, partager et trade tes collections, te faire des copains/copines et pleins d'autres choses. 😇 Le serveur est avant tout un endroit de partage et de rassemblement. GGglobestaneurs a pour but d'être d'une communauté bon délire et bienveillante, les membres de ce serveur deviendrons peut-être tes meilleurs amis de demain. 🤫 Alors fait ta valise, prend ton billet direction le serveur et rejoins nous !! ✈️