The Last Packs are the last three wolf packs on earth. A long time ago humans wiped out most of the wolf species except for the Haven Pack, Lost Pack, and Shadow Pack. The three packs have been at peace from humans for years only fighting among themselves, but that is about the change. The humans are becoming very close to finding the three packs and finishing what they started. These three packs aren’t normal packs. The Haven Pack is full of only wolves with wings. The Shadow Pack is full of dire wolves and the Lost Pack is full of both. The Haven Pack and Shadow Pack are enemies while the Lost Pack is stuck in the middle trying to stay out of the fight while at the same time keeping the two packs from killing one another. Which pack will you choose? Features: Role-Play Lore Friendly and Active Staff Events You can make your character look interesting while still staying in the lines of realistic wolves. Sixteen different settings to role-play in.
This is a 'cops' vs 'robbers' roleplay where the good guys vs. bad guys and the city hangs in the balance. Each side gets a chat to plot in without the other side being able to see, allowing for plans and plotting. From there, it's all up to you what occurs next.
A roleplaying hub for Overwatch. Play canon characters, or OCs, and have fun! FCFS Cast slots!
Looking for a literate and mature My Hero Academia Roleplay community? Well, this community is designed to help deliver that. 🔹 Design your own quirk and OC. Our creation process and meta is simplified and designed to be quick and easy, but also creates a power roof to prevent anything that would be ridiculously overpowered. 🔹 Literate roleplay! All that we ask for is skillful writing, proper grammar, correct spelling, and in general, considerably good roleplay. One-lining or low-effort roleplay is looked down upon and isn't accepted. 🔹 OCs only, no canon characters. We hope to see you around! ❤️️
À Hamilton Roleplay and AU Server
OPM Ran by dedicated staff and aspiring writers, we are a One Punch Man roleplay server with an emphasis on worldbuilding and story-telling. The universe is moldable by player action and suggestion. We're fully-custom, meaning completely original characters and environments with twists, and secrets